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oil paint or latex to last more than a mural on the inside?

Paint a mural for a little girl who insists Oil Painting will last hundreds of years, as opposed to artists latex paints (such as gold or Liquitex). Please tell me how long the oil or acrylic painting past verses I can say to ensure that the latex will not fade, crack or peel over the next 60 to 100 years.

The use of oils for Plate can be difficult, if the preparation is not exactly correct, then it is inevitable disaster. Tell your wife that Leonardo used oil for the last supper (fast broke not even finished) and see if she still insists. Acrylics will last several lifetimes, at least.

Portrait of Fibonacci Fibonacci inspires merchants

Day traders and technicians inspired by Fibonacci arcs, setbacks, projections and fans can now own a original oil painting of the legendary mathematician painted by contemporary artist, Tracy Mac and what is really unique is that the portrait was painted by the numbers!

No, the image has not been created from a kit paint by numbers, but original ink and acrylic on canvas painted by Mac is a U.S. based artist. The artist lives and paints near New York and is something of a head technology itself. As brushes from paint artist invented mathematics, a program that uses custom graphics with their artistic instincts to create incredibly detailed illustrations and stylized.

Mac technical talents artistic and lead a strong portfolio of intelligent search of art that is balanced, and dotted with colorful patterns and interesting designs.

Mac literally paint by numbers with mathematical formulas that can be applied to all media. In other words, is no limit to the variations on the themes created for each painting based on how the digital file is printed. Sizes, shapes and colors can be altered intentionally or green, where the artist uses the new reproductive technologies or different methods.

The artist has exhibited in exhibitions across the board of the United States and Europe is represented by a series of galleries, but also sell their work independently in their art gallery online He recently published a portrait of Fibonacci's gallery paintings by Einstein and Euclid as part of his series of paintings Portrait gold.

Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano, who actually did not been called Fibonacci after his death, he discovered the unique sequence of numbers known as mathematical Fibonacci numbers in the year Early 1200. A late 20th century and Trade Fibonacci Fibonacci analysis methods have been developed to project future market trends. Fibonacci arcs, fans and failures are the most used today by technical operators to predict and understand individual behavior values and are widely used by technical on the projections of market timing.

Mac that has a liberal arts education is blessed with a vision for complex mathematical nature, computer, programming and, of course, art. His works range from abstract flowers and figurative portraits and cityscapes.

The contemporary portrait of the man behind the Fibonacci retracement and projection time can become a treasure, and a technical operator of the Art Collection. The original painting measures 30 "x 48" and can be purchased directly online to Artist href = ""> / gallery / TracyMac.

Original artwork in the gallery Online Mac is priced at $ 500 to $ 1,900. All the works are singular, unless otherwise indicated. The artist signs his work on the back and includes a certificate authenticity. Mac accepts commissions and is interested in exploring questions that patrons of art and artists. You can see more of her work in his gallery in .

About of is a market for buying and selling original art and limited edition. Independent Artists sell directly to the public in general. Prices are set by artists and works of art is sent from the studio of the artist. All credit cards accepted. Illustrations may be purchased online and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee for a full refund plus return shipping cost.

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The author is Business Development manager for an online marketplace for buying and selling original artwork. She is focused on promoting the use of original and limited edition artwork for home decorating.
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