Graduation Premade Scrapbook

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graduation gift idea for two girls?

my two good friends are graduating this year from high school and I'm a year under them.. I'm trying to think of a really nice and creative gift. I thought of doing a scrapbook, but sometimes I think they're kind of boring.. so I also thought of just a plain photo album w/ captions, but I don't really like that idea either.

so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. we've known each other since we were born by the way. and I really wanted to incorporate pictures somehow...

thanks for all your help!!

I think a personalized gift is always the most special and unique.

You can send a present, not too expensive or cheap, special is ok 🙂
This time, have a try for digital scrapbook with his pictures of kindergarten,middle school,high school, which can be easily made with scrapbook maker program, no computer skills needed. Digital scrapbook program offers a bundle of premade fabulous templates, and your digital photos can be quickly transformed into a stunning SCRAPBOOK page. Print it free in full color at home and signature to send her as graduation gift.

Try to customize a digital scrapbook right now,


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