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What is the best airbrush Iwata?

I am a beginner who has been shopping around for a good airbrush Iwata. I want gravity feed and double action. I use it for fine art and tattoos. I see there are high performance, Hi-Line, Eclipse, Custom Micron Kustom Revolution. I lost in that this would be best. Suggestions?

Wow, fine art and tattoo ... this is a very broad spectrum. As for the painting of the details very well can not find much better than the CM airbrush Iwata. It is very expensive and well worth every penny. On the other hand this is not the best option if you try to cover an area wide. For large areas, it would be better with the Iwata HP-BCS also allows you to quickly change the color. Since you are a beginner I suggest something in between which is the Iwata HP-C +. This is not my favorite but it's still a very nice airbrush that will last a lifetime, and is considered one the best of all weapons. Now Note that you have more options than simply Iwata. I suggest you also take into account the Grex, Olympus (my favorite, but it is hard to find), and Richpen. Now, if you have some money to spend, are very seriously the airbrush, and want a surprise weapon set that will last a lifetime I suggest that this group Custom Listening to: Mike: You did not find much better for this price.

custom bike was almost as long as the two-wheeled transport union, which took off much in the Ministry of Defence at the 70. Scooterists added mirrors, badgers, chromium, and candy to engine to name a few, but the modification of the scooter and the painting shows was always out of reach of all but scooter enthusiast dedicated to the exorbitant costs and airbrush painting.

Traditionally, the bike should be completely stripped to bare frame and panels, then carefully sanded before painting flat a base coat and lacquer back, and it's just change the color if I wanted to add a rider any artwork or decals and these require more work that the painter need forms mask handy base and then carefully add the details a little hand, having to wait in the relationship between changes in color of the paint dries, and so on. Needless to say, not very skillful task for the faint of heart and therefore Price has always reflected that, with many jobs airbrush that cost thousands of pounds.

With modern large format printers, however, there another option with plastic wrap. This process involves the creation of digital design, or even a digital camera or scanned and then printed on large sheets of adhesive vinyl, laminates are to increase the sustainability of UV protection and abrasion resistance and then "wrapped" around the body of the scooter. Although this remains a task in itself qualified installation usually requires 2 people to put the vinyl control contours around using a heat gun, the task is not as complicated as traditional painting and airbrush and therefore offers considerable savings in the price.

Not only that, but as everything is digitally controlled in the design phase, which can provide a complete photographic realism and detail super accurate, compared with an airbrush, which has always been limited by the ability the artist and the fineness of its tools can go. Add to that is the ability of any Test and adjust digital vinyl lets you see how your scooter be completed before anything is printed, with surprises on the process.

Then late in the day, perhaps after several years of line when the scooter has been for some time, you can always remove the vinyl film to another in!

Kyle Bennett - Motorcycle Decals and Scooter Graphics


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