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Why would guys smoke to make a great impression?

I don't understand, I feel like walking away from them when they light up a cigarette. When a complete stranger says,"Hey,what's up?" I just walk right past, not knowing what to make of the situation, he was near the alley I was supposed to walk into.

I tell you guys and girls smoke because it makes them feel stronger. Of course it is just a mind game; smoking does not make us stronger but weaker but when we realize this we become addictive smokers where another storng motivation is added to the first, and were it becomes hard to quit it.

There is one side of the problem even when smokers deny it; it is this psychological one. It is as if we feel proud of hurting ourselves; you know there are some people who brag about how much pain they can endure. I believe it has the same root. Otherwise why would we feel proud of any kind of smoking? It is just like drinking alcohol. If you drink so much, then you are as strong as a bull.... there is an implicit encouragement and you know people imitate each other and the weak indetifies with those who look strong.

Types of Limousine You Can Hire to Create Great Impression

There are more than a few events happen in one’s life when the necessities of limousine arouse that can not be replaced by another car. Limousines have great charm and spending a few moments with your loved ones in this car will be cherished by you for your lifetime. However it is not necessary to own a limousine for every need of yours, you can in fact hire a chauffeur driven limousine for yourself from any Limo Hire Company. There are a number of companies that offer limo hire at different quotes. The common models of limousine hired by people in greater numbers are:

Lincoln Navigator Limousine-

This is one finest model present in the market which has unique class elegance and style. This is well recognized for its smooth lines, clean, unconditional adaptability and brute power and is huge in demand for all type of occasions. The distinguished triumph lines lies in this is the safety record of passengers. The limo hire interior is absolutely luxury and has genuine working interior or carriage lights. This head turner limousine, with profusion power sitting underneath the hood, luxury interiors, magnificent styling of the vehicle and safety foundation together make the vehicle an incredible SUV for every occasion.

Hummer limousine-

This may have room for at least 12 passengers. Hummer limousines may also take on 24 passengers at a time that too in great style and luxury. This limousine is great to drive on more rugged areas outside the city unlike Stretch limousines which are only good for driving in city.

Cadillac Escapade Limousine-

This is a true stylish car which has newest addition of model line-ups offering maximum seating facility within a beautiful and elegant interior that features all the advanced amenities in it. It features stainless-steel starlight headliner aconite-topped bars along with aluminum trim, multiple color LCD TVs, hi-end sound system and luxurious two-tone seating for their passengers as standard gears.

Chrysler 300 Limousine-

Chrysler 300s limousines are always known for their top class features including luxury, style and elegant presence. The bigger stretch limousines may lose some of its special thing regarding their style and class after they are elongated to at least three times their original size, unexceptionally long Chrysler 300 manages to display the grace and style for what limousines are known by its lavish limousine cousins and still provide plenty room to the passengers.

To afford these elegant limousines by anyone of you has become possible by the introduction of limo Hire. These limos are hired for any purpose, at the time of celebrating wedding, birthdays, prompt evenings or merely to make your beloved feel special about him or her, limousines are a great way to express your feeling elegantly without saying a single word. Different Limo hire Companies quote charges based on the model you are hiring, for how much time a limo is hired and distance that have to be covered by you together with extra add-on services based on your choices and preferences offered by different companies. If you are planning to get married or organizing a grand event for your spouse to celebrate your anniversary, it is suggested to make a booking for your desired model of Limo a month prior to your most awaited day as it may not available for you on the day you want.

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