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Seven conditions for the success or Flor Huerta

Many gardeners like to go directly to the factories and all kinds of flowers, plants and vegetables, and not even know everything that is necessary to the other, feeding and tending gardens. We hope the following information which will ensure brain cells to work should be done and done well.

sensitive diseases

It is preferable whether your plants are subject to disease and fungi. This should lead to choosing the right plants to put in your garden. The land law and land rights are most important at this time. For garden looking good and keep a minimum of maintenance to choose plants that are resistant to disease.

A thought to consider is trying maintained with native plants. If you live in zones 1 to 6 do not seek to develop bougainvillea. not not work for you or for the plant.

Experience is the best teacher that we can grow and make their land. Go visit a local nursery well and if you can trust them wonder what may be the best for your area. To avoid you as a customer, they should be happy to assist you. In addition, the county extension service and even local nursery catalogs put a lot of good information. resistant plants disease can save you time and money.

There are types that are resistant to certain diseases like apple scab, rot agaric bean mosaic virus, black spot, Sclerotinia rot of blueberry, cherry virus, fireblight, notes of juniper, lilac blight bacterial, Pea enation mosaic virus, scab, powdery mildew, root-knot nematode, rust tomato Fusarium
branch of pests, verticillium wilt and other diseases.


Know this place to plant. Do a little planning and watch what, where and when the plants. Choose plants accordingly.


A nursery Goodwill everyone who called in particular needs
plant as needed sun, part shade or full shade.

Place a shade plant in the sun and increase the yellowing and few. Sunburn happens and Coppertone for plants to prevent
same. One of them, I heard is "stay away from the west or southern exposure."


On the other hand, if a plant will get sun in the shade and retarded growth or poor performance spindly growth. Luckily they will grow weak and devoid of leaves which are energy producers.

Its flowers flowers fail to put in the shade. Or example, the sun rises the flowers bloom at its maximum.


Using Landscape Conservation water whenever possible. Water is abundant on earth, but it is not necessary to waste. If and when you water your plants or grass you need to know that your driveway and sidewalk will not grow much irrigation. dry climates know the importance of conservation water at all times. When watering, do so at a depth of 1 inch.

We take our water for granted lose more you must use in many areas, groundwater is pumped away and Mother Nature can not keep pace with replacement through precipitation and runoff.

Drought tolerant

One suggestion is to use plants that are resistant to drought. Once these plants do best with little water. We have tried to adapt the Afghan pines south Texas are arid pine tolerant but even here there is too much water and die at an early age.

However, each plant needs to be bitten, cover Mother Nature to heat, cold and even drought.

Some plants need heavy water to stay green and growing. Perhaps a good idea to replace hoses plants resistant to drought, therefore, can save water and money.

If your favorite plant needs plenty of water and then try to group layers of topsoil with a few centimeters.

pollination requirements

We must keep our pollinating bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to obtain a food source for them with the right plants. New gardeners attempt to grow fruit trees and trees are barren. Without cross-pollination is happening.

There are many types of trees need cross pollination to produce flowers and fruit. In some mandatory, but not all.

Search the requirements of the pollination of trees you want before hand. Growing up in a limited space treat pollination of fruit trees.

As mentioned before pollination does not occur without insects, butterflies or hummingbirds.

One last thing, I must emphasize is If chemical pesticides are used by you or a neighbor, bees and other pollinating insects will not be the fruit production will suffer.

Use organic.

About the Author

Jim's articles are from extensive research on each of his topics and life-long experience. You can learn more by visiting: organic fertilizers and plants.


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