Green Die

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Green Die

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My green tiger barb is going to die?

The ich for about a week now. Its color is much darker than normal, almost black. This is a reddish / orange spot near the tail, where the white spots of ICH decreased. All fins are broken, but do not eat like putrefaction of the fin. I tried the water with the medicine of the ICH. Thank you. Unfortunately last night, the beard is dead. But at least no other fish seem affected!

It's probably fine then a time to recover. Much depends on the severity of ICH and how long was it was before the operation. But I'd say you have every reason to be optimistic.

You can also become a gardener Rose

Plantation Rose is not so difficult if you can get all the information you you need it. It is a joy to see the results of their hard work and effort. One objective of planting roses for fans is that in the pink exquisite. Roses and experience can develop flavorings largest and most beautiful flowers. Rose Planting is best done with patience, as an artist painted a mural on a wall. Plantation Rose is not a complicated thing, but not always as easy a task.

Choose the best location to plant when planting is done has raised the crucial first step. Planting roses that only have a chance of survival under conditions of culture will only lead to frustration and perhaps error. You also want to avoid planting roses near trees and shrubs that compete for moisture and nutrients in soil. If you plant roses that have little soil around the roots, soak the roots in water or mud puddle for several minutes and cut all the roots are damaged or broken before planting. The soil is the absolute best for planting roses has a pH level which contains large quantities of acid in order 5.

Fertilization Rose species

After planting your rose, you need a bag of fertilizer which is considered as a complete fertilizer. When I say a fertilizer I mean the complete fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphate and potash. When you buy a bag of fertilizer nitrogen, phosphate, potassium levels are marked bag in that order. Better known as the percentages of NPK. If you fertilize species have increased, it is best to fertilize spring. In percentages of NPK 10-10-10 and should also use a 12-12-12 fertilizer. The rule would put about 34 cups of fertilizer per plant.

For ensure that you are able to get the whole root system fertilized, it is best to start making on the edge and 18 cm around Rose with fertilizer, and then in a circular motion around the plant, bringing more fertilizer around the base. Mainly the work of the fertilizer in soil and water it. Not required to work in the fertilizer or anything, just something that is taught and stayed with me.

For non-cash Roses Normally, we want to fertilize in the spring. A second portion of the fertilizer is recommended in late spring. If you have small panties I repeat, it would be better to give third assist of the fertilizer in mid August.

Landy Centeno is a rose gardening enthusiast. For more great information on rose planting, please visit


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