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Why does everyone say i'm preppy and perky?

everyone says i'm preppy and perky. i went to the nail salon and couldn't choose between blush pink or powder pink as my first base color for my pedicure. i also couldn't decide between sea foam blue or bright lime green for my second base coat. my mom said that your so preppy and perky it's not even funny. i said i'm not preppy or perky i just can't choose. everyone in the nail shop agreed with my mom.
i wear makeup that is looks natural but has pink or warm accents. i walk with a bounce and i wear high heels with open-toe.Always act engaged and affirming. Sing a cheerful song aloud. Constantly smile.
i wear Flip flops, Grosgrain ribbons, Printed skirts; polka dots, stripes, plaid Pearl or diamond stud earrings.

i know i'm polite and bubbly and i wear alot of bright colors. but that doesn't make me preppy and perky does it?

sorry but yeah i personaly think its a good thing

A Fresh Spring Wedding

Every year spring feels like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. Just as a winter wedding should feel cozy and rich, a spring wedding should capture the essence of its season by feeling crisp and new. These are some ideas on how to plan a fresh spring wedding that will be just perfect.

Think crisp, fresh, and simple for a spring wedding. Nothing too fussy or overdone is needed. A simple elegance should be the goal. Cheery colors such as yellow and grass green are amazing for the spring, and pair beautifully with neutrals such as pure white and navy blue to create that fresh feeling. There is a reason that the first spring collections in the fashion world, known as either resort or cruise, usually feature an abundance of those colors, and it is because they feel new and clean after the dark and rich colors that are in fashion for the winter months. Using this design for a wedding will make for a beautiful atmosphere that your guests are sure to enjoy.

A great place to begin is with the wedding invitations. White stationery with a spring motif embossed across the top would be lovely. Some ideas for the motifs include a watering can, a tiny bunch of flowers, or a dragonfly. A yellow detail on white paper would be subtle, or go a little brighter with a grass green accent. Navy lettering would be a great alternative to basic black ink - still relatively formal, but with a little personality. A striped envelope lining will tie it all together.

As for the bride and her bridesmaids, crisp fabrics such as silk mikado, shantung, or organza would be ideal for the dresses. A simple strapless gown in a silk white with tailored details would be stunning for the bride. Complete the look with a ribbon edged veil and pearl bridal jewelry. For the bridesmaids, striped dresses would be fantastic in faille or shantung. A toned down version would be an organza dress in a solid color with a contrasting band at the hem and neckline. The navy would be a great accent color on either a pale yellow, grass green, or white knee length bridesmaid dress in an A-line shape. Classic pearl bridal jewelry like a tin cup necklace would be a pretty finishing detail for the bridesmaids.

There are many wonderful flowers which would be gorgeous for a spring wedding. The freshest effect will be created by selecting wedding flowers with clean lines, such as tulips or mini daffodils. A small bouquet of yellow mini daffodils handtied with a green grosgrain ribbon would be just right for the bridesmaids. For the bride, a combination of white tulips, yellow mini daffodils, and a bit of greenery, such as spring green hosta leaves will look as fresh as a spring morning. Keep the size of the bouquets modest and the ribbons simple.

Keeping this same color palette throughout the rest of the wedding will create a harmonious look. White tablecloths banded with wide borders in one of the signature colors will make a crisp background for the tablescape. Or try something more whimsical, such as a woven ribbon table topper in grass green and pale yellow. It is a great way to add character to basic white linens for your reception. Striped napkins and centerpieces in clear or white vessels will be the perfect finishing additions to your fresh spring wedding.

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