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How do I know the value of vintage greeting cards? Easter, Christmas, Birthday and travel.?

I bought three scrapbooks of circa 1910 greeting cards, mostly Easter and Christmas. Some birthday. Many are larger cards with historic sites on them. I know that vintage or antique greeting cards can be very collectible, but I don't know which ones are more desirable to collectors. I would like to sell them on eBay, but how do I choose which ones to list?

The collectibles market depends largely on condition followed by uniqueness. You should see whether you can get them out cleanly. You should list (or otherwise group) them by topic or historic site and look up examples on the internet from other dealers. You may wish to sell/offer some of your less attractive examples first in order to see if they will sell (if you are offering a fixed price) or what they get at auction. As I recall, when I was looking for specific images and they were found on post cards, people sometimes offered single and sometimes small batches/lots

Personalize your Greeting Cards

There are just too many greeting cards out there but none that can take away the significance of something that is done by you personally. How many of your friends and loved ones would just love to get a personal greeting card created with their own unique personality in mind?

I mean, greeting cards are becoming too commercialized and generic when you go to any bookstore or paper shop. Because of the fast paced lifestyle that we are used to, we tend to just select and buy greeting cards at random that the personal touch is almost always non existent.

So why not take the time and create something unique and different from the everyday greeting cards? Create your greeting card printing that does justice to the distinctive personality of that loved one. It’s so easy because there are many software and programs available in the market to help you get started. Just like any greeting card bought and paid for, your custom greeting card printing pieces are perfect for any birthdays, holidays, or just about any occasion that needs your personal touch.

What’s more, your customized greeting card printing project allows you to become more imaginative and lets out that creative part in you. You can add your very own personalize greeting message and photos. Moreover, you are assured that your greeting card printing project is the only one of its kind.

All you need to get started is a software program, a greeting card printing paper, and an inkjet printer.

Here are some ideas to help you jumpstart your unique and personalized greeting card printing design:

1 – Include your sense of humor. Each of us is gifted with a sense of humor. Some may just be drier than the others. Whatever kind of humor you have, use it to personalize your greeting card printing project. It can be a favorite joke or a private one that you share with each other through the years. Use it in your design and then you can add your own picture or your recipient’s favorite funny photo. You now have a customized greeting card printing design.

2 – Use your greeting cards as Invitations. Your personalized greeting card project can be wonderful ideas for Invitations to a wedding, new business venture party, opening night, and even for birthdays. Develop your personal message and invites; you could also come up with a distinct greeting card for every special holiday between you and your loved one. You could add a photo from that special event or occasion and include it in your greeting card printing piece.

3 – Your greeting cards as thank-you cards. Print many cards as you can. You can always have them stored so that you’ll have one every time you need to say thank you for a kind deed made by a loved one or a new acquaintance.

In addition, you could always customize your greeting cards to include words in a totally different language. It sounds more romantic isn’t it if your boyfriend wishes you a very happy birthday in Spanish or Italian perhaps.

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