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Then you can expect to pay for a wool carpet?

8x10 wool, hand woven, vegetable dyed, made in Pakistan ...

Approximately $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. I bought some.

The carpet fibers explained

We hope by explaining the difference between the fibers used in carpet making, which will help you choose the right fiber for you and your home. The quality of the fiber used in coverage of how the carpet will happen, how long and how cost.It Final carpet is important to understand that all fibers are available in different qualities, and buildings. We can not assume that a silk is better than a wool rug or carpet wool carpet is better than polypropylene, which depends on fiber quality, how does the carpet, the density Battery (proximity tufts are together). where the carpet is used, how the carpet will stay and last but not least the amount to invest.


The wool can be spun by hand or machine spun, after spinning the wool is usually twisted in the opposite direction, turns more on the line over the finish line and more resistant to wear. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs can be dyed with natural plant and mineral dyes, synthetic dyes colored Chrome or a mixture of both. Woven and machine made rugs are dyed with chrome synthetic dyes. Although the quality can vary greatly from the wool is still the most luxurious of all carpet fibers. Some initial shedding will take place in new carpets, some of these fibers in bulk will be the process used for the shear ultimate decisions. This is usually relieved to give maintenance adequate and regular. Shaggy rugs are usually made of felt and thread can make permanently in areas with heavy traffic, and even that diminishes over time, it may take a long period of time. high-quality wool is the fiber of choice for expert carpet and silk fibers with only retain and increase value over time. The ultimate natural fiber green wool is inherently anti-static, fire resistance and excellent retention properties appearance.


Acrylic fibers are made from polymers and are widely used community - Woven mats, acrylic is softer handle all synthetic fibers. The qualities look better and feel very close to the wool. Fiber Dyes thus, retention is good-looking and is more fade resistant than wool. The fiber may have a tendency to shake of the head or the pill in the areas heavy traffic, but the fiber offers excellent value for money.


Polypropylene is petroleum Indeed, it is inherently stain resistant to most stains and chemicals can withstand very harsh, even chlorine. Due to the nature of the fiber, of certain chemicals to oil-based (including skin oils) can bind to fiber and can not be removed. In tones of this amount will be considered dirty traffic areas, points reappear after cleaning and yellowing. Because the fibers of low melting point, wear friction and friction on the surface of hair can cause irreversible damage to flatten and carpets. It is less obvious in tones and dark colors. Although resistant to fading, strong sunlight can degrade the surface of the battery. Polyprop Given the foregoing, in various forms is still selling a lot, leaving no fiber, it is easy clean and relatively inexpensive compared with the polyamide fiber and better quality wool.

Rayon - Viscose

Most of the oldest of all synthetic fibers, rayon is made from cellulose in the walls plant cell. Also known as Artsilk, the fiber is soft and has a high gloss and brightness. Carpet widely used in hand or to highlight emphasis on design, more recently, has been used in> http://www.rugstorene.co.uk sticky carpets Shaggy and mixed with other fibers in the machine made qualities Wilton. The fiber has good appearance retention against dirt, stains and resists fading in the light of sun. The fiber tends to flatten a lieutenant or traffic areas and works best when mixed with other fibers.


Silk is derived from silk and is widely used in high quality hand-knotted Oriental rugs and carpets. The fiber has excellent tensile strength, but not a good performance in high traffic areas where the carpet, grinding and abrasion. These blankets are best used in areas of low traffic (shoes) or tapestries. The fiber is very suitable as a strength or a focus on> http://www.rugstorene.co.uk wool carpets and best works in this format. The most expensive of all fibers used in carpet making These carpets are also works of art they are. Specialist cleaning is required for all stains.

Jute - Sisal

Jute is the lowest of all vegetable fibers, these carpets and rugs should be used in areas with low traffic. is more flexible jute or sisal, coconut and better in areas of movement. Wait flame, lines and colors incompatible, all adds to the charm of the fiber. jute fibers react susceptible to moisture and stains can be difficult to clean the excess moisture (even plain water) can cause spots. Biodegradable and very green, the carpet and a real rustic and organic in every room. dye can be a problem with all natural fibers specialized treatment, protection against stains can be applied used in conjunction with the manufacturers recommended cleaning products.

Polyamide - Nylon

Polyamide more commonly known as Nylon is the most durable of all fibers used in production of carpets. Although not widely used in the manufacture of carpet fiber mats are available in the carpet. There are two basic types of Nylon, type 6 nylon and nylon type 6,6. The fiber can be dyed (like polypropylene) for a better resistance to staining or skein dyed like wool. This is the best of all artificial fibers to retain the look and the best recovery properties in areas of heavy traffic.

Nylon (Polyamide) fell from grace in domestic households in the United Kingdom, but is still widely used in industry and commercial markets worldwide.

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