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Indian Carpets?

I have an Indian rug is awsome probably from the 1930s. It is worth about $ 3,000. I called a carpet Corndance. It is hand-woven / yarn, hand dyed, and made of wool. Anyone would be interested?

Hello, can you send the photo karanexports@yahoo.com Thanksgiving

Handmade Persian rugs

Why buy a handmade rug instead of a machine? The difference in the quality and beauty are single rent.

  • Handmade carpets are more durable than machine-made carpets. woven carpets and lasts for centuries, if you take careful. machine to the market after several years of use.
  • Hand-made carpets beautiful age and even more beautiful with age.
  • Rugs are handmade and original paintings. They maintain their value or even appreciate over time.
  • Handmade rugs are not perfect. It is normal for a rug hand to be a bit crooked, or design flaws, or even in the case of tribal rugs, the inconsistency in the shade of colors used. This adds to its charm and beauty, especially in the case of tribal rugs. Travel like nomads, they may not always coincide with shadows. This tells us a little history of how the carpet several times the tribe stopped and resumed travel at the time this particular coverage.
  • Each hand made Persian carpets <b> </ b> is unique because of defects.
  • handmade carpets can be repaired. If for some reason that the damage is considerable, a whole section can be regenerated or knotted, restoration and its former beauty.
  • <b> Main Persian rugs </ b> is colorful vegetables. This is why the colors are vibrant.
  • A hand-knotted carpets woven can easily become a relic.
  • A handmade rug is the combination of beauty, functionality and value.
  • A carpet made in hand, is the pride of their owners.

Why not buy a machine made rug if you can afford a real hand made Persian rug?

  • They are mass produced.
  • They are a perfect symmetry of design.
  • Machine-made rugs are not twisted, and they are strongly driven by the machine. However, lack the charm and warmth of a carpet made hand.
  • Machine-made rugs are usually made of synthetic materials, but you can find some that are made of wool.
  • Machine-made rugs are mass produced and are not unique. Thousands of rugs to design exactly the same.
  • The dye used in the Machine-made carpet is made of chemicals.
  • They very quickly from hand ceramic Persian carpets.
  • They can not be repaired therefore can never become a relic.

About the Author

Astrid Kazarian has a degree in Special Education. For many years she taught children and adults with special needs. Today, Astrid Kazarian works in her own home, serving six children from the ages of two to five. Her hobby is reading and writing children's literature.

Astrid Kazarian comes from a background that appreciates the value of Persian Rugs. Growing up in that culture, she too started developing an interest that turned to be a passion very quickly. She became fascinated by the different ways they were made, their different styles and specially their intricate designs, always holding on to the high quality of the fabrication.

Astrid Kazarian is an amateur Persian and Oriental Rugs collector. She bought her first Persian Rug as present to herself for her sixteenth birthday, for which she paid with saved pocket money. Since then, over the years, she put together a small collection of rugs. Today, she has her own site and she is affiliated with the best Persian and Oriental Rugs importers.

Visit her at http://www.PersianRugz.Com where you can find everything for your interior decoration needs.


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