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Nobody still enjoy the nostalgia of sending a handwritten letter?

When I was meeting, committed, and now married to my wife sent me to places with my work. I took her away from her and my family for weeks and months at a time. I've always loved writing letters, especially my wife, and talking phone with her after she has received. Perhaps unmistakable marks that you can buy, the time and effort needed for writing, the time required so that the letter arrives, and the feeling that the recipient receives.

Dang, here I was hoping to receive a letter only to find Tx script a happy marriage. Hehehe ... Well all good take. 🙂 Then I called trapped in the Renaissance ... but I love writing letters. Calligraphy writing and use of perfumed paper to write a letter to someone special just that much more memorable. Of course, I also write in a diary every night, so I'm a touch and on the odd side. 🙂

The lost art of letter writing, and how to write a letter

Several years ago, most personal letters, after a hello very formal, began: "I take my pen in hand." We did not see at all today, but always with the spirit of that word at the moment. Choose the letter of the middle and can fail to note that the writer took his pen in hand and full of dark thoughts, attacked the paper. This thought is one to obtain a letter written time.

And perhaps this attitude to get the script over at any cost is not so bad after all. Some people lament the adoption of formal letter and dignified, and others who deplore the "literature" letter - police that can be published - no longer with us. But the letter is not traditional ceremony more useful than a powdered wig, a modern man, and as for the police who delights the heart and eases the work of the writer - Well, it's still written by the type of person who writes. It is preferable a letter must be written by the writer has something to say that as a sign of culture.

The purpose of the letter

No one can go far wrong by writing such a letter if the first is supported to establish object correct and the desire of the letter. A letter has always been - why else write? But anyway, particularly in the letter, the subject is often lost in words. A handwritten letter is not fit to be too wordy - it would take too much time and trouble to write. But anyone can do especially if it is interrupted by phone calls, ramble on about what it means to the end and used two pages of what might have been said in three lines. In addition, the letters can be as brief as to produce an impression of bad manners abrupt. It is rare that a writer can say everything there is to say line and does not seem rude. But you can do.

The sole purpose of a letter is to express the thought. This thought can be to do with the facts and the additional goal may be to have the thought produce action. But clearly the action depends only how thought is transferred or in the letter. The words are used in a letter as a vehicle of thought, but every word is not a vehicle of thought, because it can not be the kind of discourse that goes where you want your mind to go, or, In other words, there are large differences in the understanding of words. In the case of a letter written in full exactly could give an accurate a person of education, In the same letter can be meaningless to someone with less understanding of complex words. Therefore, it is not prudent in drafting letters in general, to resort to the use of unusual words.

There is a feeling Letters should be as elegant, if I wanted to speak with simplicity and clarity, due to a lack of sophistication, and sophistication that the bursts true in terms of long, deep and complex structures. There is no greater mistake. A person who really knows the language can be written simply. One person who does not know the language very well, and hits something, he believes that culture is what might be called a sense of insecurity language, which is similar to the feeling of social insecurity. Occasionally you meet a person who is afraid to commit a social error. He is afraid to take the fork in a poorly restaurant or do something else that is not done in polite society. They have a time of uneasy, but none that is used for social label for granted. The same goes for writing a letter.

There is no reason to write a letter unless the objective is clearly defined. Writing a letter is like shooting the target. The objective can be achieved by accident, but it is more likely to be achieved if the goal has been cautious.


In this modern era of e-mail messages text, the act of sitting down and writing a letter by hand is an art to die. It's a shame to think that the current generation of children can grow without having to write a letter in hand, why not encourage them to sit down and write and grandparents who did not a computer, or even know how to send a text message. These letters are received with much pleasure and affection, and often become precious objects.

Before you know it, even wrote a letter to Santa Claus will take place in word processing. How fun to write a letter to Santa Claus when can be creative with paper, pencil and crayons.

The World Wide Web is an excellent source of information, why not investigate some related sites that promote communication between children from different countries with a traditional pencil and paper. What can be better than the meaning anticipation awaiting the next letter full of thoughtful and personal messages from a friend in another country?

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M Newbold is a prolific writer who enjoys writing on a wide range of subjects including - family matters, health, fitness, recreation and sports. For a useful resource guide to writing letters, visit my site here: http://www.lostartofletterwriting.com/


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