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How do I can slip my hand knit socks to the test?

Is this fabric paint bubble do the trick? Or a commercial product available? I use second-hand knit socks for slippers, but they are always so sweet .........

yes, just put a kind of glue or paint as a small dome, and when it dries, it should be good to go:)

Why not this holiday season special with a painting as a Christmas gift?

The postcard is the perfect Christmas Day. There is snow on the ground, the fire is lit, the lights are twinkling on the tree, and each has once again gathered to exchange gifts. Waiting breathlessly, with the secret hope that their loved ones the gifts that you have selected.

Of course, as is the case every year, you're not sure what they receive, but you can be sure that does not bother me to have a supply of warm socks, appliances, and coffee cups. , Right? This Christmas, not only does not accept a gift quite sure whether you can give as a gift, you'll definitely love them! Write a deeply personal, drawing or painting commissioned as a Christmas gift.

Now, in your eyes, imagine the scene again. Forget the socks, mugs, and other devices that will eventually be sold, lost or forgotten. When a drawing or painting personalized Christmas gift, you receive a gift of hers - look wonder and awe at the sight of a loved one, if the oil painting of your favorite new company that shows a watercolor their children, or a pencil sketch of your wedding.

Just a personal photo and a little time to devote to a site like this scene and yourartnow.com imagination might be the reality, your reality! The recipient of this unique picture as a Christmas gift will be delighted by the fact that the image of them and that for them, never duplicated or sold elsewhere.

This makes it all the more remarkable that most famous works, including the world who have been copied and sold on the market.You mass art can think of a gift probably break the bank, but they worry. With a variety of sizes, media and other options to choose from, there is a box for drawing and painting treatment to fit almost any budget and decor.

"But my commission one from a long line committees? How can I be sure that when I'm drawing or painting as a Christmas present, not be neglected? How can I be sure I'm happy with the finished product? "If they are some of their concerns, be assured that your image processing of the paint is still completely handmade, and not just a hand, but the hand of a true artist, a painter specializing or a pencil artist who loves what he or she does, and whose love for art is reflected in each piece is finished.

Note that your artist's project will continue to work until you are completely satisfied with the result. The best part is that all this can be done via Internet, no phone calls or face to face consultations are necessary! Whether you choose the elegance of a painting oil or water colors, can be sure that the administration of a custom drawing or painting as a Christmas gift is the perfect choice for people who settle for nothing less than the perfect gift.

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