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Would you help me find a good business name?

What a great name for a company that sells dyed colors son in hand, hand dyed fiber (spinning) and handmade soaps and other bath products? I live in the Chicago area (Brookfield). I have a couple of ideas for a business name in mind, but nothing that really felt good. Thanks!

Manulana wool is hand-ish America. Manupingo is a kind of hand dyed.

Khadi â € "the pride of India


Khadi is a fabric of India. Khadi is also known as another name € ~ € ™ Khaddad. She weaves the son of an instrument known as â € ~ € ™ Charkhaâ. During the pre-independence the movement of khadi manufacturing momentum under the leadership of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. This movement of khadi manufacturing and use has begun to Indian discourage the use of outerwear.

Khadi before independence was considered as the material for political leaders and the rural population. But now has found its place in the wardrobe of fashion conscious people. The current situation is that demand exceeds supply. Earlier, the type of cotton khadi Khadi was available had coarse texture and feel. However, many varieties of khadi khadi as silk, wool and cotton khadi khadi are currently available, making it a pleasant fashion fabric and massage.

The concept has been developed by Mahatma Gandhi. It has been a symbol of the political agenda during the independence struggle of India against British rule. He was primarily a means of providing jobs to the unemployed rural population of India at that time. The flag of India must also be from khadi material. Therefore, it has national importance, they might even call the national fabric of India.


Khadi is a soft fabric. He has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. This fabric has a coarse texture and has collapsed easily, therefore, to keep it strong and stiff, starch must be added. This cleaning cloth is reinforced so the more you wash it, more look. Khadi is not easy to use for years together, at least for 4-5 years. Very attractive and designer apparel are produced by manual labor in the clothes they themselves. Khadi spinning is generally done by girls and women and weaving mostly by men. During the tour of the khadi son are intertwined in such a way that provides for the passage of air movement on the web. Apart from this unique property, it also provides warmth in winter, it is a factor entirely surprising.

Cotton Khadi must be starched so that does not wrinkle easily. There in several colors and is not harmful to the skin than synthetic fabrics. This cotton is very comforting been large quantities of air ventilation is there, has the ability to absorb moisture as easily absorbs perspiration and keeps the user cool and dry. cotton Khadi comes in the plain and in printed fabrics. The most common equipment in khadi cotton is Thea Kurtaâ € € ™ ™. Many types of clothing are made from khadi cotton like saris, salwar suits, son of fabric, western shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, scarves, etc. It is difficult fabrics.

In khadi silk, the proportion of khadi and silk fabric is 50:50. This fabric must be dry cleaned. It shrinks about 3% after the first wash. It is very expensive fabric. Khadi silk provides a true and rich. The different types of garments made from khadi silk are salwar kameez, kurta pajamas, saris, Dupattas, shirts, vests and jackets. Clothing like kurta, jacket, shirt covering sari to provide forces to ensure their longevity.

Previously khadi was dyed in shades of designers and background color was used for making traditional clothes, but are now experimenting with dyeing khadi with bright colors like lime green, purple, pink, turquoise blue, clothing, etc. stylish mini skirts, blouses, neck, upper pilot, tunics, etc are made from khadi.

Khadi is hand woven and hand spun fabric which takes time to achieve. Occurred mainly in rural areas of India. In the past it was considered the fabric for the workers and poor farmers. But Khadi no longer use for the poor, many high-level personalities and people prefer to use it economically rational. It is considered as one the most beautiful Indian fabrics. The khadi wearer gets a real and must be distinguished look to his downfall and style. It symbolizes the luxury and exclusivity.

Government Policies

Khadi and Village Industries Commission € ™ is the governing body in India that promotes the use of khadi. production and sale of Khadi within the industry on a small scale. This government agency was created by an act which was passed by Parliament. This gave a boost to India khadi industry, following many new outlets of khadi gramodyog opened across the country. These stores sell khadi fabrics and sewn stitching. Each year from the date of 3-October to January 29 gramodyog bhavan khadi all discounts are offered to the public in various khadi products. It falls into the category of Indian looms. This sector also generates employment for the rural population of India. Government of India agrees to a number of exhibitions and fairs in India and abroad to promote this material.

The small industries engaged in the manufacture of khadi is economic redemption of raw materials and costs production by the Indian government. In a recent survey of employment, 14.97 lakh people, the total annual production of 111.49 million square meters is khadi.

Khadi through the decades has gone from a freedom fighter € ™ s identity fabric of a garment fashion. Today is such growing demand for khadi that, despite the thousands of workers involved in the production of khadi fabric and son, the demand market is not satisfied.


Khadi has earned worldwide recognition since it is handmade strong, sustainable and organic. The fabric is produced by the masses for the masses. It is associated with Gandhi's philosophy and makes a fashion statement. Khadi through the cloth, the weaver expresses art and design through the spindle and loom. He is widely recognized in the Indian fashion circle. Fashion's top designers is now in your collection by designing clothes in khadi material. There is a strong demand on the international market, especially in Western countries.



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