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How can I succeed selling handmade cards?

I created beautiful handmade cards (out of scrapbook paper, embellishments, etc) and opened my shop at Etsy.com and i had only 1 order (it was from my friend). But just don't understand why still no orders. I need help, advise or suggestion. Please help.

How about telling your friends and family to buy from you.

Well, let's see your shop and I can tell you what's wrong and why no orders, and what can be 🙂 improved and I'll give you suggestions.

I love Etsy, btw.

For those who haven't joined yet Etsy is a website to sell and buy handmade goods - Join here: http://tinyurl.com/joinetsy

Essential Tips for Creating a Stunning Handmade Greeting Card

It really isn't difficult to create a stunning handmade card at home once you've got everything together. All it takes is some careful planning, the right tools and a free amount to time to give to your project. Once that's all in place it's time to get crafting!

As it any activity it pays to plan so going through a checklist will help you to achieve the look of card that you're after.

1. Your skills. Do you have any particular craft skills that you'd like to use for your handmade card? You might be fantastic at one or two (or more) crafts. It makes sense to go with a craft you know unless you've got the time to play. Is there a particular skill that they've always admired or envied?

2. Their interests. Does the lucky recipient have a particular interest? Are they a raving fan for purple or do they just love ribbons and bows? Spend a bit of time thinking about what would really please them and bring a smile to their face.

Perhaps in the past they've said how they would love something that they know you can do. Now's not the time to modest if you're expert in any area. Show off those skills!

3. Available materials. What have you got to play with? Do you need to go and buy something special and if so how long will it take to get/order/arrive? Look at your workbox to find out what you have and what you need. Then you can work out the best things to use and what you need to

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