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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Handmade Rubber products and information here meets your needs.

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Any ideas workshop catchy name for a shop of handmade soaps, body lotions, shower caps, rubber ducks funky?

this store sells all kinds of cocooning, like candles, water bottles fashion, clothing, etc.

Squeaks slippery Arcadia flow (a type of flower) jelly shower fun bumpy, I do not know .. Hope this helps:)

DIY leather belt

leather belts are a CRAFT project good for those who are new to the craft of leather. Except for one Under complicated manual work, they make excellent gifts. Contrary to popular belief, is essentially very simple to make a leather belt.
If you are the tool or skin tone, it is best to choose a leather factory. This type is easier to work than other types.

Consider the width of the interior of the belt buckle. Measuring the edge of the size of the person who carries on his belt. The size is the inside belt buckle and the length of a foot longer than the circumference of the waist. To ensure an even cut, using a rule like the stick measurement. Many people like the turn of the final.

Taking the other end of the strap, leather back cover 1 inch to make a crease. Align the slot hit the center of the fold.

using a rotary or punch, make two holes in. The rivet holes should be one inch on each side band. Fold Fold belt and mark the holes where they overlap the skin.
counter use of a belt to cut smooth edges of the strip. Use a dye to color the leather belt. Note that the dye in the package may appear distinctly different final version. When selecting a dyeing, Mira finished samples to be sure you find the color you want.

permission for stain to dry completely flexion of the skin often in the drying process. Once dry, clean, clean up oil or beige leather soap and dry with a clean material.

Insert rivets inside the belt and apply the ceilings of rivet with a rubber mallet.

Put the belt Do it yourself leather> belt "and to define a hole where it is necessary to ensure a better fit. Use a rotary punch a hole that leads the waist. From the borehole, drilling a series of holes 1 inch apart.

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