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What glue should I use my tripod mounting plate that screws onto the base of the camera?

My tripod is a metal screw mounting plate in the bottom of the camera and locks on the tripod head itself. The rubber gasket on the metal mounting plate prevents scratches on the basis camera broke. Has anyone had this happen and the best fit for bonding rubber to metal?

DO NOT use gorilla glue! This person is obviously stupid to realize that there are different adhesives for different jobs,,, mono no queue for the metal and rubber! using rubber cement and shoes or goo5000 goo3000 Goo more or less, take home some queues are a type of rubber, just read the labels ,,,,,

Poly Suspension Bush: Improving the life of your car

The speed and flexibility is the natural quality of any car and if your car is not certain parameters, then it may happen that you are ignoring some of its small parts such as suspension bushes. It is an element important to your vehicle that require attention and care. Today, people are using poly suspension bushes for the suspension system can work more efficiently and that the car can give excellent results.

Sometimes the rubber bushes replaced last month have already been exhausted. Therefore, the tires are starting to use their ability to adhere to the road has been destroyed. Reduces life of your vehicle. In addition, if the plants do not function properly, then the direction the geometry and alignment of the car may be affected is a bad sign for the overall health of your vehicle. These problems can be solved by changing the suspension bushes Poly maximize the special characteristics of polyurethane and its durability and its ability to absorb friction exceptional.

Poly suspension bushes have all qualities that differentiate them from natural rubber bushings. Quality is the resistance which is the speed at which elastomer returns to its original shape after deformation. Poli shrubs are excellent in this capacity. In addition to the properties of polyurethane extreme resistance to abrasion, low compression, high tear strength and resistance to oils and solvents which make it ideal for automotive applications.

Therefore, using the bushes Poly suspension can expect low maintenance, management flexibility, longevity, increasing tire life and better stability. So next time, if your mechanic suggested to replace the bushes, suspension bushes and suspension stress polyethylene. It is best for your car and you should never compromise on quality is concerned.

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Breonna Isabela is a car fanatic and leaves no stone unturned in accumulating information about objects that can add that extra in the performance of cars. He has done extensive research in cars, Car Parts, Suspension bushes and knows the functioning of this glorious machine inside out. The article given here covers the Poly suspension bushes.


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