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need practical acrylic on clayboard info?

I would like to try a painting which involves creative textures by etching away portions of the painted surface. I recently found some inspiring works that demonstrate the dramatic results. Here is a link to show you what has got me on to this: http://www.sublimatrix.com/.
I have never really investigated painting on this type of surface and I would like to know where do you get clayboard, or even better, how can I create a surface like this from scratch. If I could create my own surface then it would be affordable and I could practice to my hearts content before doing something to display. Have you tried it and how did you like this kind of painting. Are there any recommendations for building up to skillful use of this method. Thanks.

pretty much any decent art store will carry the clayboards. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, you can get them there. (I think you can order them online as well)

Utrecht Art is one of several companies I order from and have used since my days as an art student and they carry them.

if you're going to make your own boards then you will need:
1. hardboard (min 1/8" thick. can be thicker if you like) or you can use wood panels (use a hard wood for quality)

2. clay gesso (hard to find in the states. for practice purposes, regular gesso will do but if you decide you like the art form then you can make your own clay gesso). Clay gesso is time consuming to make and I don't recommend you do it when you're just starting out. When you're really serious about continuing w/ this art form then by all means make your own clay gesso.

if you've never worked w/ gesso before:
you apply the first coat in one direction and then put the second coat on crossways to the first coat. for example: coat 1 is applied up and down and coat 2 is applied side to side.

you'll want to sand your board just enough to rough it up so the gesso has something to adhere to. apply enough coats so you have something to carve into. I'd start w/ 3 or 4 coats but if that isn't thick enough for you then keep adding coats until it's as thick as you want it.

apply the gesso w/ a sponge brush for a smooth finish. If you want a textured finish then when you do your last coat, then press something into the wet surface and then remove it or use a different type of brush or applicator to create a textured surface.

Heart Watch Bracelets Pieces For Holiday Events

Women enjoy to wear the Heart watch bracelets during a special social function, as it symbolizes the love and warmness which is already there in the gender. Respective jewellery stores over the net and buying at plazas now face form of heart watchbands plans that can be put on on all special occasion passim the year. Below you can find some of the common junctures that individual jewellery shops designed their heart watchbands Assembles for.


This is plainly the harden of colors. The Blessing season is encircled by the rich red and golden colored leaves that are flowing down from the trees all over. Thanksgiving heart watchstraps are normally made out of different red, red, purple, dark blue and yellow stones so that it can shine the colors of nature. The quartz glasses are ordinarily inflamed on yellow gold. The titles and patterns of these heart watchstraps Patches come in assorted sizes and works. They range from the common and conforming to iconic and cool projects. Some of the average quaint intentions that are unremarkably used are turkey designs and maple leaves. There are lot of heart bangles that come in orthodox intents, and these beautifies can also be used during other flavors of the year too.


This is known as the joyful time of the year. Christmas heart wristbands Objet D'art ordinarily come in assorted patterns and sizings. And each of these heart watch bracelets Parts are styled to present contrary ikons of Christmas flavor. You can find Christmas trees, flakes, hollies, Christmas leis and many more intents on these decorates. Christmas heart bangles Compositions come in rich silver, gold and acrylic as well as a broad sort from necklace, earring, brooches, and bracelets. Some of these jewelry Assembles are designed with opposite colorful stones set or painted with vivid colors. These heart bracelets Objet D'art can unquestionably add a feel to your outfit because of the some and new aims.

St. Patrick's Day

Green is associated with this social occasion. That is why; most of the heart watchbands Compositions styled by distinct jewellery stores for St. Patrick's Day would normally use jade, emerald, and green colored crystals of unique shades and tints. The most commonly found figure for these heart wristbands jewels are the four-leaf clover innovation. This is the sign of St. Patrick's Day. In time of St. Patrick's Day social function the most popular jewelry that are useable in the world are pendants, breastpins, and charm bangles which come in white and yellow silver and gold backgrounds.


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