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How much are necklaces worth?

I'm planning on buying a necklace for my girlfriend, but i'm not sure how much it'll cost me

How much are those heart-pendant necklaces?
How much is it, if its fake gold?
Real gold?

Usually a good real necklace can cost anywhere from $100-$500 dollars. You can get them at places like reeds, kay, etc. 🙂

Buying White Gold Key to My Heart Pendants—The Perfect Guide

White gold key to my heart pendants are the perfect gifts for sweethearts during special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, graduations, birthdays, and other significant events. The key to my heart emblem carries across the message pretty effectively. When you’re looking for a symbol that will tell your loved one that s/he is the one person who’s opened up the doors the better things in your life, this is the right pendant to give.

White gold or platinum jewelry is also one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry you can give to that special someone. It’s a notch more valuable that yellow gold jewelry and it gives off the right Chi (or energy) in Chinese elemental values. Chinese people used to value silver over gold because of its color. Now, with white gold jewelry like white gold key to my heart pendants, you won’t have to give up the universal value of the metal for the color or “chi”.

Key pendants in history

Key to my heart pendants have been given by famous individuals to the special men and women of their lives because of their symbolic value. In modern times, it’s customary to give the key to your apartment, room, or home to serious life partners (whether or not marriage is involved) because you wish to symbolically and literally share this space with them.

If you’re still in high school and you wish to share the same symbolic meaning with someone special but you don’t quite have you own flat yet, you should look at white gold key to my heart pendants. After all, if famous poets like Shakespeare have given key pendants to their muses in the past, why shouldn’t you allude to the gesture and impress the girl of your dreams?

Choosing pendant sizes and necklaces

Choosing the size of your white gold key to my heart pendants is vital. Usually, people go by their instincts when they do this. After all, they’re the best people to know their loved ones preferences. If your better half is fashion conscious, though, then it’s probably best to stick to age-old fashion rules.

When you’re pairing white gold key to my heart pendants with a short necklace which falls somewhere along the collar bone, it’s best to stick to small designs. Women, in general, prefer this necklace length because they can show off the jewelry in any clothing they wear. A small key to my heart pendant can also be worn safely with chocker necklaces which come and go in fashion trends. If the chocker becomes trendy again, or if the outfit calls for a chocker necklace, your girlfriend can simply slip on your key to my heart pendant onto her trendy necklace.

If you’re gifting the key to my heart pendant to a man, though, it’s best to stick to slightly bigger pendant sizes. Medium length necklaces which fall along the chest line should be perfect for male loved ones. Your chain can also be thicker if the fashion trend calls for it. No matter what size, white gold key to y heart pendants generally sit best with matching white gold necklaces.

Make sure that you only by your white gold pendants from accredited jewelry stores. Unless you’re an expert in identifying precious metals, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between silver and white gold. Shady gold jewelry traders could try to con you into buying silver jewelry pieces for the price of white gold ones.  

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