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What can I do for parent gifts for Valentine's Day?

I am a 4-k teacher. I need a really cute craft that my kids can take home to their parents. I am first year teacher and need something that will be a total hit. I prefer ideas over websites as I have looked at a ton. Thanks!

Here is a good project I saw it on the Carol Duval HGTV show. I downloaded the directions for you, but you can go to her site for a visual. We are doing these this week for Valentines day. I used Elmer's glue and plastic glitter and construction paper. It is working out quite well. The children work in groups and the glittering is supervised carefully.
Sugared" Heart Banner
These "sugared" hearts look good enough to eat! To create banner, print this PDF onto card stock and cut out hearts. Lay the hearts on a flat, disposable surface, such as newspaper or a plastic drop cloth, and coat the patterned side with spray adhesive. While the glue is still wet, dust each heart with crystal glitter and allow to dry. Gently tap hearts to remove the excess glitter and glue them to grosgrain ribbon. The banner can be as long as you wish by adding more hearts and the hearts can be attached so the banner hangs hang either vertically or horizontally.

How to Create Amazing Casual Wedding Invitations

When choosing to use casual invitations for your wedding, you are given an endless amount of amazing ways to incorporate personalization into your theme. From color choices, to wording, photos, and fonts, you can customize casual wedding invitations to an extent that formal invitations simply do not allow. Below are ten surefire ways to create beautiful, casual wedding invitations that reflect your wedding and the undeniable love that you and your significant other share.

  1. Start with a theme that describes the love you two share.

Begin by exploring the hundreds of wedding invitation designs available both online and in stores. If you choose an online wedding site that is able to help you with multiple aspects of planning your wedding, then you can color coordinate your invitations with the rest of your wedding theme. You can also refine your choices according to your motif whether they are floral, hearts, contemporary, romantic or anything else you desire. If you are having trouble picking your theme, browse the available templates to get inspired.

  1. Choose colors that you love.

The use of color is one of the most eye-catching ways to set your invitations apart from any others. For a more contemporary approach you can opt for using a subtle color theme such as a plain lined border on a white card. If you are choosing to have a more eccentric wedding theme, try splashing the invitation canvas with a vibrant floral print such as the eco-friendly American Dream theme, in your choice of poppy orange or delphinium blue. The use of color in a wedding invitation can really bring them to life while tying in with your overall theme.

  1. Consider font.

While you are choosing your colors, it is important to also consider the font style and color. You can choose from a wide variety of colors for your invitation text from black to red and everything in between. It is wise to choose a color that will really pop and stand out on your invitation. Certain styles, such as the striking Rose style, will allow you to choose two ink colors including one for the invitation text and another for the names of the bride and groom.

  1. Invitation Style.

When choosing your invitation it is important to ask yourself if you would prefer a traditional flat card invitation or a folded invitation. Perhaps you would be interested in a double-fold gatefold with die-cut edges enclosing your invitation, or maybe a postcard style invitation printed with your favorite photo of you and your significant other. You can narrow your choices by style until you find an invitation that reflects the wedding ceremony that you are planning. There are endless options from which to choose, the most popular invitation styles including vertical and horizontal bordered cards, and cards that fold into the center.

  1. Match your invitation to your wedding theme.

Try to check out wedding invitations that are designed to match your overall wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding, or a wedding in a tropical location, try to pick out invitations with a destination theme in mind. For example, you can easily find romantic wedding invitations embellished with embossed seashells or colorful Riviera Stripes for the more contemporary bride. If you are getting married in a castle you can choose a wedding invitation embossed with a castle and knight in shining armor in subtle pearl. Doing a little shopping around can inform you on everything available from country style invitations with gingham check borders to stylish ultra-contemporary wedding invitations splashed with a single bright calla lily in your choice of color.

  1. Customize the wording of your wedding invitation.

It is important to choose the right words for your wedding invitation. If you are unsure as to how to word everything you want to say to your potential guests, you can get help from a wedding invitation wording template. Whether you are requesting the honor of your guest’s presence, or asking for the pleasure of their company, there are many ways to word your wedding invitation to achieve a more personal and casual tone. You might, for instance, invite your wedding guests to “Come share our joy as we start our lives together” or “Celebrate with us, we’re getting hitched!” Options are endless.

  1. Add personal flourishes to your invitation text.

When putting together your casual wedding invitation, you can also choose tiny flourishes or embellishments to serve as borders or separators within your invitation text. Those little flourishes can work to add some casual flavor to your wedding invitations or to give them a hint of formality. Top your wedding invitation text with stylized wedding bells, or perhaps a little cartoon bride and groom, for a more casual approach. Add calligraphic swirls for a hint of formality to an otherwise casual invitation. Keep in mind that very little touches can make a huge impression in the overall appeal of your wedding invitation.

  1. Tie your invitations together.

One of the most popular wedding invitation trends of the last few years is the ribbon tie wrap. Satin ribbon wraps with flat bows are a nod to romance, but you can give it a decidedly casual flair by changing the ribbon material. Instead of the more common satin or organza option, choose raffia for a country style invitation or a thin polka dot grosgrain ribbon for a fresh, contemporary casual look.

  1. Wrap your invitation in vellum

Vellum jackets are not just for formal invitations anymore. They can beautifully add a delicate touch to any casual or contemporary invitation style. Choose a plain folded jacket and seal it with a gold foil seal stamped with the word love. Jackets and wraps can add a special touch to casual and contemporary invitations. Foil seals or ribbons can be used to tie the jacket closed.

  1. Buy blank invitations and do it all yourself.

The more you do yourself, the more you can personalize your invitations. By choosing to print your invitations at home you can choose your favorite font, rearrange the lines and wording, or even add your own clipart or personal artwork.

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