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living in new norfolk tasmania?

why doesnt anyone mention new norfolk when people enquire about places to live in tasmania. we love it. it is only 20 mins from hobart cbd. is extremely pretty place on the derwent river. historic homes and buildings. great shopping centre. great pubs.
schools . gateway to mt field national park. geat fishing. sports centres. golf course.
and affordable. hwy to hobart is easy going.

New Norfolk is a beautiful place there is no doubt of that, most of my relatives on my Dads side come from there dating back to the 1850s. It is seen by locals as just a bit to far from Hobart to commute, although many coming here from larger centers like Melbourne or Sydney are used to longer commutes.
My browser says you asked this from the UK, which may be why you have an incorrect travel time, as if you hit all the speed limits and get green lights all the way you would be very lucky to go from NN to the CBD in anything less than 30 minutes. This is also the travel time given on New Norfolk's own web page.
While the speed limit on the highways that run either side of the Derwent are 100kph they both have long sections of single lane travel with double lines (i.e. no passing) and as they are frequented by considerable volumes of heavy and slow traffic from the logging industry and freight, trips can quite often be more like 35-40 minutes.
New Norfolk itself has a population of ~9000, the mean price for a home in New Norfolk is about the same as the outer suburbs of Hobart, yes you can buy a cheap home, but what you will get is a cheap home, weather board, 50-60 years old and quite small by modern standards.


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