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How I can use the fonts that I downloaded from the Internet?

I download fonts Hello Kitty and I use it, but I can not, somehow, please can someone Helppi to my problem? plzz

Since I do not know what system you are using or if you download the font files or compressed files right, is get the loooong response. Find the downloaded file on your computer. If a compressed file, you must unzip it before doing anything else. WINDOWS VISTA UNZIP: Double click on the zip to open it, then click on "Extract all files" or drag and drop files somewhere outside the window slide. INSTALL WINDOWS VISTA: Choose the font files (. O. TTF OTF) of the extraction folder or by dragging the right button on> the Windows XP UNZIP: Must have extraction software already in the system - try to right click on the file and selecting the expansion or whether a sample is shown. Is it to where you are and where can be found. If you do not have these options, you may need to download software - there are many free applications. I am currently loving ExtractNow. Here is a link to for free download from CNet. http://www.download.com/ExtractNow/3000-2250_4-10038365.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10871941 is free. It is easy to install. Once it is installed, just launch, drag the folders from the compressed files in it and click Remove. What's really cool is that you can extract multiple files both. It is a great advantage, especially when the download of all fonts fun. Install Windows XP: Go to your Fonts folder. Whether through the control panel menu Home>> Fonts (make sure you are using the Classic View control panel - it is much easier). Or go to my Windows> Computers unit C> Fonts. Drag the new fonts (just the ttf / OTF files) from the folder or extract are in the Fonts folder. A pop-up window must show that the police is being installed. To Vista or XP: If the download is only one. Or.otf ttf file, skip extraction steps and go directly to the plant. If you have any programs running, exit and restart before you see the font you just installed. worse cases - if the fonts do not display, restart the computer.

Personalized Funky Umbrellas

All you need is a computer with a printer, an umbrella, fabric paints, a lamp and some selotape.

Choose a normal umbrella to work with. umbrellas distract from the design patterns and walnut color to any umbrella, even dark colors like navy or black.

The umbrella is made of plastic, nylon and PVC not. The fabric paints used to decorate the umbrella are not as effective PVC umbrellas.

Add a slogan on the umbrella.
To do this, write a slogan in a Word document on a computer. Increase the size as large as possible and chose a font for the slogan. I chose the theme
"It's raining again ..." What I thought would be appropriate and ideal for lovers of madness, and select the source "Goudy Stout" A big bold letters.

Print slogan when you're happy with it. Due to the size of the text, the words can be divided into different lines, do not worry because it can be selotaped together.

Cut the words leaving a good couple of inches around. Selotape the words back as needed. Balance table umbrella up on the backs of two chairs back to back, but they separated. Sit a lamp on the floor under umbrellas so that it shines through the umbrella as a backlight. This is you see the text through the fabric of the umbrella.

Using the dough selotape the slogan at the bottom of the umbrella ink.

Using fabric paint trace around the text, the relevant parts in the paint. Due to trace the text is clean, however the constant size and more professional.

The same principle can be applied to images. Search for a single image in a bold
Google Image Search, or photobucket.com. Hello Kitty is an excellent example.
Print the image and then cut the excess paper.

Selotape the bottom of a coordination group, side ink up. The light shines through the paper and umbrella stand and draw the image with fabric paint.

You can have a complete character in a gel around your umbrella, the sky is the limit. The rainy days will always be funky vibrant days!

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