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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Hobby Knife Set products and information here meets your needs.

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Would it be stupid to buy a knife set?

it wouldn't be on credit 😉

Or would a couple of knives do the job? Cooking is not a hobby for me, I only cook because I save money that way. Do you really need a knife set in life even if you cook to save money, or is a knife set one of those things that a company has convinced us that we "need?"

It would be a waste.

If you already have a few sharp knives, which do the job, then a set of new knives is just an unnecessary waste. It is money you don't need to spend (since you cook to save money) and it is also just going to add clutter to your house. What will you do with the old knives You Are replacing?

It is relatively cheap to sharpen old knives. You can get a sharpening stone and do it yourself, or take them to a butcher and ask them to sharpen them.

You just want the knife set. The fact that you asked this question is proof that you're smart enough to tell the difference between a want and a need. The knife set is a want, not a need.

Best Wishes

Craft knives used in watch making

There are two popular Hobby Knife sets - a 13 Piece Set and a 51 piece set. The 13 piece set has 13 assorted scalpel blades, 3 aluminium alloy handles, knurled finger grips and a magnetic blade storage strip all of which come in a compact Storage Case. The 51 piece Precision set has 37 assorted scalpel blades, 5 needle points and 7 aluminium handles. It also has handling tweezers and a sharpening stone apart from knurled finger grips and a magnetic strip for blade storage all of which are accommodated into a storage case that is easy to carry. A scalpel with a knurled brass finger grip comes with 25 spare blades in a dispenser.

The Swann Morton Acrylic craft handle number 6A is a popular, often used, handy model and comes with a nickel blade fitting that can hold all types of standard surgical blades. Pointed pliers are used to insert and extract blades. A surgical blade has to be handled very carefully before use to retain its sharpness and functionality. There are other Swann Morton handle numbers like 3 and 4 that are also available for professional watch makers. The Swann Morton Retractaway handle has a sleek graphite finish and uses a retractable blade mechanism that is very safe for use. The pack also includes a pre-fitted blade. The Swann Morton Handle number 1 is Made From carbon steel and serves versatile functions. It also comes fitted with a blade. The Swann Morton Arts, Craft and Modellers comprehensive box set has 13 precision blades made of carbon steel. It also includes three handles. There are 10 different blade shapes which make this set versatile. It is very easy to change the blades in this set. All these items come in a sturdy carry case. The items are available in smaller sets too.

The Swann Morton Blade remover box has 50 pieces that can be used for removing and disposing blades safely and effectively. These pieces are also available in as individual items. The Swann Morton replacement blades come in different numbers like 10, 10A, 11, 15, 15A, 23, 24 and 26. Each of these blades is made out of precision ground carbon steel which makes them sturdy and long lasting. They are manufactured by a world renowned surgical blade manufacturer and hence come with the same high surgical quality; the blades are non sterile in nature. It is very easy to change and use these blades. All these blades can be used for a variety of purposes. There are typically 5 pieces in a pack. The blades are packed in a blister pack to ensure that they stay safe and undamaged till they are used.

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