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What is the name of paper circles that are a by-blow?


removing wallpaper

There are two types of wallpapers: removable and unstripped. As its name suggests, is removable screen designed to be easy to remove peeling from the wall. To test this type of wallpaper that has a corner strip of paper and see if it begins to retire wall. If you have strippable wallpaper, retirement is a simple matter of using a sponge soaked in water detergent and hot to loosen the glue. Use a putty knife or spatula to help lift all areas that remain stuck to the wall. After removed all the wallpaper, cleaning the bottom wall to remove any remaining glue residue. Two cups of vinegar in a gallon of warm water makes an excellent cleaning solution to remove the sticky residue.

unstripped wallpaper removal is more difficult and complicated project much easier. Prepare all your carpets and furniture covering and exposed with blankets or tarpaulins. These types of wallpapers are designed with a waterproof outer layer to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, this means you have to scrape off before they can work to loosen the glue below. It is a special paper made just for scoring tools that purpose or you can use an ordinary knife or razor blade. Make sure not to drill too deeply into the role and break all the way to the wall. If you do happen to make a hole in the drywall, repair spackle before applying any chemicals to removing wallpaper. You do not want chemicals to burn through the material walls of plaster dust are used for residential purposes.

Once you have obtained the outer layer of material, you can use to withdraw a product of wallpaper to loosen the glue. DIF is one of the best products on the market, but there are others that you can choose both. Mix the product according to the manufacturer's instructions, then use a paint roller to apply the background image. For larger jobs, a power sprayer can help cover more ground quickly. Let product to set for 20-30 minutes if you can work your way down into the glue. From the base wall and continue up scraping the bottom of the screen with a spatula or a putty knife. If the product removal wallpaper has done its job, you should be able to easily remove the paper strip.

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