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Wall Opening painting business .. Wall etc?

Im an artist ... and the study of instant messaging accounts, but I'm in art (drawings cartoons, etc.) and is considered very good. I had to study animation, but stopped because of cost. Im thinking of starting a business from a friend who painted the walls of peoples at home .. Maybe the kids, etc. makes bed make our own Web page and describes hae and the projector is ready to shoot the first wall. Im wondering, For example, paint is u. a person with normal paint? or is a mural? well I meant like acrylic or oil painting .... normal series compared to the purchase of murals that are in containers in the home, etc. like hepot. Because acrylic paint is cheaper im suppose.

I do not understand what is the determination normal paint, unlike the mural, but my experience with murals projected onto a wall is to use your common painting. A canvas is not created if not use oil. You're drawing, and then fill with the proposed mural as you would with any wall paint in your home. I've never seen any other way.

murals for children - Create a whole new magical world

murals for children can have a child in a magical journey to a new world. A world where they can turn their fantasies into hours of playful memories.

No matter what your child enjoys a wall can be wall created for him. Whether it's a mural of the castle full of knights and their favorite Disney characters, you can create for them.

A nursery wall, your child will have its own unique area of the house to call their own. Yes, a bedroom is finally to sleep, but also is a place for them to escape all the other activities at home. This is not really different from what we feel to be our master bedroom retreat.

A mural can get away from toddlers and offers a relaxed atmosphere.

For ideas about the type of wall mural want to create, ask your child about it. Create a list of possibilities and talk.

A point note is to ensure that the topics you choose, you will be happy with it for at least 2-3 years. You certainly do not want to create a mural that your child just a whim in.

Ideally, the wall of a child which can be extended in the future. Therefore, you can paint the new characters on the wall as your child grows.

If you do not have the budget for an artist to come, the use of a model or a kit to create the perfect wall. You can even start small with a blue sky and green grass. Later, you can add new characters.

A child mural is the perfect solution to give a child of his own imaginary world. A world to enjoy the coming years.

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