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Velcro "Fun Suits" for couples....Good Invention Idea?

As you know, velcro has two sides to it. One is comprised of tiny little hooks and the other are tiny little loops. They hook up when pressed together but can be pulled apart with a firm tug.

How about this: The man has an entire jump suit made of outward pointing velcro (the hook side) and the female has a similar jump suit with the loop side. Then they get to hug, pull apart, roll around, experiment with funny positions and acrobatics, and do whatever comes to mind.

Oh COME ON! You've never heard the sound of ripping velcro in the night and not wondered with amusement what was going on?

I think maybe tear-away portions around the pelvic area might count for some bonus fun when things got heated.

Good idea? Would you buy my invention?

That's just strange.

A Must Have Accessories For Drum Sander

A drum sander is an aggressive appliance that used in different woodworking mechanisms. It can sand off paint or bonding agents. It can even be utilized on cupped or warped flooring. Drum sanders are powerful machines that come with accessories for easy job handling.

Drum sanders are used for hardwood floor sanding. It cleans off bad spots like, blemishes, stained spots, paint splotches on the floor. It is composed of a large dust bag, a drum to fasten sheets of sanding paper and the sander machine.

Drum sanders are also used in polishing floors (wax finish). Some of the important accessories that a drum sander needs include the following:
• Drill Press Adapter
• Sanding Sleeves
• Sanding Sleeve Set
• 5HP Dust Collector
• Moisture Meter
• Velcro Mats, etc.

Drill Press Adapter Price
A drill press adapter is used for mounting the lathe so as to produce a smooth production sanding drum.

Sanding Sleeve/Sanding Disks
Sanding sleeves come in popular sizes and grits. It is made from aluminum oxide and it is used with oscillating sanders and sanding drum kits. Most common disc sanders are from hand held orbital to hefty shop sanders.

Sanding Sleeve Set
• Rubber wheel
• Diamond cutter tape
• Diamond cutter cylindrical
• Sand disc
• Polishing compound

5HP Dust Collector
• 4944 CFM
• Single phase 5HP motor
• 2 bag system with 4 micron filter bags.
• 230V, 23 amp
• Heavy duty aluminum (sparkproof)
• 3-inch diameter with 8 precision-balanced
• Self-cleaning radial blades.
• Weight 115 lbs.
• Height 6 ' 4"

Moisture meters
Moisture meters are used in measuring the percentage of water that is present within a given substance. It is used for determining if the material is getting wet or dry and if it is suitable to use. Carpenters, building inspectors, hobbyists, and other woodworkers are required to have moisture meters.

Most Popular Moisture Meters are Protimeter Surveymaster Kit w/ Probes and Free DVD and Free 5 Year Warranty ($440.95), General Tools Digital Psychrometer ($109.95), Tramex Encounter Plus, Non Destructive Moisture Meter ($354.00) and Protimeter Surveymaster Home Inspection Meter & Free Moisture Meter DVD ($422.95).

3 Inch Sanding Disc and Hook and Loop Disc
Sanding Disc and Hook and Loop Disc are used mainly for finishing the following:
• Gourds
• Inlace
• Soft woods
• Polycarbomates
• Cultured marbles
• Acrylics
• And even fiberglass
It can be used during wet or dry surfaces and have a flexible cotton backing and polymer cushioning layer.

Pack variety includes:
• 600AO
• 800AO
• 1500
• 2400
• 3200
• 4000
• 8000
• 12000Micro Mesh

Popular branded accessories are:
Mirka 23-615-AP 5-Inch 8-Hole Assorted Grits
Mirka is designed to provide a fast and long lasting cut. It is made from aluminum oxide grain which is very durable. Mirka has a special stearate coating that maximizes resistance to loading and clogging. The open coat design produces a consistent sanding pattern.

• Dustless Hook-and-Loop Sanding Disks
• High-strength resin bond system
• Increased life
• Fits 5-inch Ryobi , DeWalt DW421,DW423, Bosch 3107, 3725, and Makita B05010
• 50 per box
• 10 pieces each (80, 100, 120, 150 and 220 grits)

Fein 63502113019 3-1/8-Inch Flush Cut Wood Blade
Fein 63502113019 is a cutting single steel blade that is perfect for flush cutting of softer wood and window potty. Its blade is segmented to give a right angled cutting to a surface without damaging the other over cutting.
Delta 31-373 1-Inch x 42-Inch 120 Grit Sanding Belts (5-Pack)

• Aluminum oxide abrasive- gives long sanding life
• 120 Grit
• 5 pack
• 1in. wide by 42 in. long
• Fits Delta 31-34- belt and disc sander and others that requires 1in. by 42in. belt

Other accessories:
o 3 in. X 50 in. 60GRIT H&L SANDPAPER ROLL
o Grit sandpaper
o Impreganted sanding shoe
o Random orbit sander Backing pad
o Balanced Pulleys
o Pillow Block Bearings
o Knobs
o T-Bolts
o MDF Fence Pieces

Drum sander accessories are a great help in achieving good furnished floors. These accessories aid woodworkers or carpenters in their job.

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