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I have a hook rug kit to block, but I can not find my tool-block. Can it be used as a substitute?

I I I realize I can go buy a new one, but I wonder if there is anything I can use now, tonight, because the shops are closed.

hooks work ...

Rug hook a craft business

Rug hooking has made a comeback .. It is a major art form now art and aid stress! .. an art as it is relaxing ... Start now to submit your hobbies or craft business!

There are some basic types of rug hooking, the first is the sort of latch hook, which comes as a kit, and an image already on it, and once you learn to use the hook, follow the instructions with the pieces of wool coordinating pre-cut.

The other type is using strips of cloth it takes a little planning and preparation, but the results are works of art. Can be done on a burlap backing, or a solid support by Depending on what you want for the carpet, so its best to hang on the wall as art, or for use on the ground.

Anyway, you can design your picture right on the back of the burlap, then find or make strips of fabric colors appropriate, and the coupling is a continuous loop, rather than small pieces.

It's like creating a painting on fabric, can sometimes be difficult to achieve, but with the advance Internet, you can find many different supplies online. With summer ending, and the children back to school why not consult hooked rugs for your new hobby or craft business ..

It is also an excellent alternative to paint, why not create your art work with strips of fabric and a hook, and one original carpet .. people tend to like the "useful art" in craft shows, who would qualify for sure!

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