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Why is my city cold water warm?

Okay, I am having an issue. First it started out (and it is still doing it) that my water has to run for a minute before I can use it (only on cold) because it is like yellow (it wasn't always like this). Now, my cold water is "not" cold. It is more than luke warm, not hot, but more than luke warm. Someone said "because it's hot outside". No, I don't buy that. The pipes are "underground". It's city water. It started doing it "before" summer came around. I rent, so, before I call my "smelly" (yes smelly... the one that smells and tells me to put DUCT tape on our broken windows that the landlord promised to fix "before" we moved in) can anyone "for real" tell me what it is... like 90% for sure. If someone can help me out, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance!

Water won't warm in the pipes in ground, they're just deep enough not to be affected. Water in the summer WILL heat in a water tower. The closer you are to the tower, the warmer the water is. You also may have some heating once inside the house.
The yellow is most likely from pipes. Ask a neighbor if their water is the same color. Try to figure if it's a city problem, or your pipes that need to be replaced.

The Advantages of Vxa Packet Technology


VXA-V backup tape was the first version of VXA tape cartridges. The VXA-V was released for use with VXA-1 and VXA-2 Packet Drives and autoloaders. The V Tape has two different forms, the VXA-1 Tape and VXA-2 Tape.

The VXA1 Tape is made from PET-based substrates of 6.4 micrometer thickness. VXA 1 backup tape is compatible with all VXA-1 and VXA-2 drives. On the other hand the VXA-2 Tape is made from PEN-based substrate of 4.7 micrometer thickness. VXA 2 tape is compatible only with VXA-2 and future generation drives and autoloaders. The V Cleaner is designed for use in VXA-1 and VXA-2 drives. The V cleaner will get up to 20 uses in a VXA-1 drive and 20 to 80 uses in a VXA-2 drive, but it depends on the firmware level of the drive.

The VXA-X is the newest version of media designed for use with only VXA-2 and future generations of VXA drives and autoloaders. VXA-X uses the same PEN based substrate as the original VXA-2 V23 tape. The X Tape is made from PEN-based substrate of 4.7 micrometer thickness. Compatible with VXA-2 and future generation drives and autoloaders, but due to the thinner substrate, X Tape is not compatible with VXA-1 drives.

X Cleaner is a new generation of cleaning tape designed for use in VXA-1, VXA-2 and future generation drives. It uses a cleaning media with particles having a slightly lower abrasion factor so it won't damage next generation VXA heads. Due to different cleaning times programmed into the drive, it will give up to 20 uses in a VXA-1 drive or 80 uses in a VXA-2 drive. The V Tapes and X Tapes share similar cartridge shells, come in a variety of tape lengths, utilize AME media and offer the same read/write speeds and capacities. However, X Tapes are specifically designed to cost less due to savings realized through increased manufacturing volumes.

VXA X Tapes offer three different cartridge capacities, ranging from 20 to 80 GB native capacity. These backup tapes provide users the flexibility to choose the capacity that best meets their current storage and budget needs. The customers have the option to add capacity on demand, by using larger capacity VXA Tapes. It is more efficient to do daily incremental backups on a smaller tape and weekly, full backups on a larger tape. The VXA tapes protect IT investment, because VXA X Tapes are engineered and designed for compatibility with the next generation of VXA.

The VXA X backup tape uses AME media. The AME media provides significantly longer tape life than other tape technologies. The VXA tape utilizes the packet technology, while the other backup tapes use the track-based technology. There is no Backhitching in VXA drives. Backhitching occurs when the data rates between the drive and the host computer system get out of sync. The computers tend to send data in short bursts, while tracking tape drives must transfer data to/from the tape at fixed tape speeds. When backhitching occurs, the drive has to stop transferring data, rewind, and then move forward to‘re-sync’ with the data tracks on the tape. The drive can actually match the host transfer rate without backhitching, because the VXA Packet drives read packets instead of tracks. If backhitching does not occur, then the wear and tear on the media reduces dramatically. Therefore, the reliability and the tape life increases.

VXA X Tapes have been extreme-tested by independent labs under the most severe conditions. The tests included violent vibration, immersion in volcanic dust, hot coffee, boiling water and even freezing cartridges in a block of ice to assure reliable and complete data restores. VXA is 183 times more able to restore data, even from a damaged tape, which is more than any other backup tape media format.

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