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Can I use the iron on transfers in the bags of school?

Are there specific brands of iron on the transfers that are available Canada? Specifically Calgary, Alberta? Or something I could order online. I want to print some manga / chibi / anime download photos in my backpack for the next school year. It is a normal backpack. Are there brands that work well? If there are specifications? As the degree of heat from the iron should be? Because I tried and transfer iron a shirt and a time not all the photo has been uploaded. Then you're all wrinkled and only lasted one day. Please! I am desperate. Besides, in different jobs with different colors. Also, (again) if you have to use transfer sheets of some very specific materials, please mention. I do not know what the material is, but it would be like any normal backpack. But I would also appreciate that the transfer does not go out during the day. But one last thing, Is it possible to use iron on transfers for the bags back? Sorry, I must sound so stupid. Thanks for helping!

Depends fabric of the backpack. Nylon probably just melt. Unless it is a soft fabric, the transfer is likely to crack. Each type of transfer comes with specific instructions on the same heat, pressure and ironing time. Must be followed exactly or just loose. If you have a backpack in mind, why not get a nice pattern and make your own from scratch? There are many models available cute backpack. Http: / /%% 3Aen 3Aofficial & hs = MFK & q = + + Calgary fabric store & btnG = Search.

Transfer Inkjet metal

Sizes Availability: A (8.5''X11'') - 20 sheets, B (11''X17'') - 20 sheets
A4 (210mm x 297mm) -20 Sheets, A3 (297mm x 420mm) - 20Sheets,
42cmX30M cylinder, the size of the other is demanding.
Ink Compatibility: Ink pigment ink water-based
1. Request
This product is recommended to wax crayons, oil pastels, fluorescent markers, colored pencil, ink mild solvent ink, Eco-solvent, sublimation ink, pigment or water-based inkjet dye white color, dark shirts Clore, aprons,
gift bags, mouse pads, wool clothing, quilts, photographs etc. transfer paper allows you to produce a metallic effect without using an additional sheet. When yellow with HTS-300-metal turns to gold, silver becomes gray and all other colors appear in a metallic appearance.

2. Advantage
? Custom Cloth with photos, color graphics and paint manufacturer.
? Designed for results in bright white cotton or light-colored, dark or cotton-polyester
? Ideal for customizing T-shirts, canvas bags, aprons, gift bags, wool clothing, mouse pads, photographs on quilts, etc.
? Transfer peels off easily after cooling hot
? Iron with a regular iron and a professional heat press machine
3. Support for the metal transfer inkjet paper
It can be printed with water based inks in most printers such as Epson Stylus Photo 1390, R270, R230, PRO 4400, Canon PIXMA iP4300, 5300, 4200, i9950, iX5000, Pro9500, HP Deskjet 1280, HP Photosmart D7168, HP Officejet Pro K550, etc. Some color laser printers Epson AcuLaser CX11N, C7000, C8600, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C525 A C3210DX, Canon LBP5600 laser firing? LBP5900? LBP5500? LBP5800, Canon CLC1100? CLC1130? CLC1160? CLC5000, CanoniRC2620? 3100? 3200
4. Printer Recommendations
1) Keep HTS-300-metal in its original packaging in a cool, dry place.
2) Only print the unprinted side of the paper layer of transfer.
3) Printer settings: Normal paper print-quality photo-quality
4) Before transferring, leave the image approx.5 print to dry for a few minutes, cut the grass without leaving a margin on the edges. Immediately after takeoff, the transfer film paper.
5) First of all, the reason for desired print standard paper to check the color and size are correct.

5. Transfer continued
A. Prepare a stable and heat resistant suitable for ironing table.
B. Preheat the grill to the house to put in place of cotton.
C. You can also use a hot press, set at 165 ° C for 25 seconds with moderate pressure.
D. In short, tissue to ensure that iron is completely smooth, place the transfer film (transparent polyester film with adhesive transfer) or parchment paper with the printed image up.
Do not use the steam function.
Make sure the heat is transferred uniformly throughout the region.
Iron the transfer paper, applying the normal pressure.
When you move the iron, less pressure should be granted.
Remember corners and edges.
E. Continue ironing until you have traced the sides of the image. This whole process takes about 60-70 seconds for an 8 "x 10 image area."
F. Remove the foil or paper reporting fat from the area after the process Ironing.
G. You can use the same film transfer five or more times, if there is no ink remaining unpaid him.

6. Washing Instructions
1) until 24 hours before washing them first (drying time)
2) Fabrics bearing our transfers are machine washable 30 ° C, always wash garments inside out.
3) Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach washing of all kinds
4) Do not fall short
5) Iron on the back only.
7. Storage Hardware
relative humidity of 35-65% and a temperature of 10-30 ° C.

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