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Cafe Press Guide

A coffee press is a device for making hot coffee. It sounds simple, but there is plenty of history behind a coffee machine. Ask any coffee lover around an old pot press coffee, dry out any equipment for conversation for hours. It may seem simple and easy sound, but when it comes to brewing a rich aroma, full flavor, aroma cafe Wow, the press coffee years old, stole the honors. The coffee press has been around since the 1800s, but gained popularity in early 1900.

How to Tap the work of coffee?

The operation of a coffee press is very simple. To be more precise, like a coffee a pitcher, and a press, which is a rod-like, connected to a cylindrical screen. This press passes through the center of the jar. So here's how you work: First, grind the coffee, in fact, give them a finish thickness, because they need to convey the flavor, when hot water is paid on them. Place the beans in the soil filter and allow the filter to remain in the center of the pot. Now, boil fresh water, lift the handle and pour water into the press, and begin to apply pressure with the driving piston. The hot water will be connected with ground in the filter and extract flavor, acid and other substances.

Cafe Press: advantages and disadvantages

Any system of coffee has its share of fans and critics. The same applies to the press of coffee. Any true coffee lover will tell you that the press produces a natural flavor coffee, coffee rich in texture. You do not need a filter paper to filter the wetlands. So much for the benefits. Critics point out that the coffee brewed with coffee release should be consumed immediately - if you give him time to lose its flavor and texture. Some sediment deposits (some of the rough coffee beans in the land that might have escaped the filter) that is located in a coffee press - Some people think that these sediments to taste coffee to go wrong.


A press coffee is the original way of making coffee. Much has changed since then. Technology plays an important role in our lives and it is easier to do things for us. The same thing applies to the press. There are new machines that grind, tamp Coffee and touch of a button. But to each his own: a lot of people want to save time, so they go for more recent versions, while others like a rich coffee well prepared with natural ingredients go to cafe press.

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