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Is llegal to buy wholesale products from China?

I wondered if Llegal to purchase goods from China wholesale clothing, electronics, etc etc and sell them here in the U.S.? Do you need a permit to re-sellers do? Are there certain things you have to do to import the products or can be bought only products and receive as nothing? Do you pay import taxes or something like it. This is a small business running, nothing big.

Yes aslong customs as you have the paperwork right so that you are good.

Pointers and advice before starting a wholesale business

Managing a company that collects huge amounts of money without lifting a finger is what every person with a business vision had dreamed. While this may seem a bit extreme, this type of lifestyle can become a reality. With a large amount of capital which could even open a restaurant or 5 star hotel and the management skills of a man business professional or a woman, a life like that reach only a length dependence. But what about those who can not afford to open a restaurant or 5 star hotel, or who have not the talent of a businessman or professional women, but only the basics?

In addition to launching a restaurant or 5 star hotel or any other activity that corresponds to the category as a "grand bargain", there is another company that would enable anyone to live this kind of life. But this is not the kind of life itself, but a life not put anyone in a long effort to run a business, and what kind of business is wholesale.

Wholesale trade is a process in which a manufacturer of products distributed to all types of distributors who in turn sells the products to final consumers. The work of the wholesaler is to neglect the transition of products to be transferred successfully retailers and distributors carefully selected that deals with the task of selling the public to purchase.

Wholesaling is a very profitable business, provided that leads to a wealth of experience and skills in managing a business. Then before starting a wholesale business, here are some Simple Tips for businesses and advice on how to manage the situation.

Type Business

Before all, to try to understand what business is big business. Do you run an association of undertakings, or if running as a sole proprietorship? Deactivation of these things in advance can save much time and money, especially when passing the company's business for individual companies.

Selection Product

After planning the nature of business that would be on the production planning is the next step. Wholesale, sale different types of products such as food, electronics and appliances, clothing, and much more. Although the process of this type of product is part of the business process itself, the only difference being the capital and, sometimes, the location of the business.

Starting a wholesale business of wine or electronic Unlike starting a wholesale clothing company in terms capital. Starting a wholesale business that is wine devices or appliances that require a much larger capital, not only the product itself but also where to put the record, while a wholesale clothing store may require a small amount of capital (again depends on the line mark Clothing for sale), not only for product but also a clothing company does not require storage of large as a wholesale business related to electronics or devices.

Instead of buying or renting a storage space or in a tank, small boutiques to large to manage their business in their own homes and store their own shares in its basement. So, if capital allocation is not too much to start a wholesale equipment or wine, then a clothing company would be big enough.

business documents and records

On the use of commercial documents and other formalities such as tax records and business permits should also be eliminated correctly after planning the type of business would be. This is to ensure that the company is working well, and not just among retailers, but also with the law.


In a wholesale business, storage space are very important. Or buy a space or a rental. Choose a warehouse that is easily accessible and labor-saving approaches to handling. But beyond that, you must also ensure the safety of stored products.

The choice of storage depends largely on the type and size of the wholesale business would be. Like the earlier statement, the storage may depend on the type of product a company wholesaling and the size of the company, as a clothing store in bulk. If you use a larger wholesale, then it would take more space and security. But if the company is small enough to operate in the landlord's house, then the basement would be sufficient for storage.

Clients and customers

In any business, customers and clients are most important in its success in this case, distributors and retailers. Wholesaler covering a wide range of clients including retailers, distributors, exporters, and other wholesale distributors.

  • The retail industry comprises establishments such as grocery stores, independent stores, department stores and food retailers.

  • retail distributors include distributors to sell to retailers that you can find impenetrable own wholesaler. For example, if the wholesaler can not enter "in a grocery store, the wholesaler can be able to sell one of its distributors.

  • Exporters are companies that collect the products manufactured from of the United States and ship internationally.

  • But apart from retailers, exporters, wholesalers Also deal with other wholesalers. This is especially useful when buying the manufacturer is not possible because of exclusive contracts that the needs and challenges at a time.

Another thing that the search for customers, when looking for a supplier or distributor, make sure they have legal documents that allow them to sell their products. This can ensure its security activities.

Pointers before open a wholesale

Establish a policy of competitive credit. In wholesale trade, There comes a time when retailers can not pay immediately after receiving his shares. To provide retailers with a credit score political can get the advantage of their stock, and pay the next day. But be careful to give this kind of advantage. Before giving these benefits to retailers or other customers, make sure that the client had already proved its credibility in the management of their accounts. Ask for references from her ex-big and learn your history if you can afford time or not.

What business advice and referrals for those with experience in handling these types of businesses is also important. Learning their mistakes, take risks, and their decisions can be very useful in running a wholesale business.

Keep an open line for customers. Listening to their contributions, thoughts and concerns about the company can greatly contribute to building a stable relationship with customers. This strategy will keep your customers attached to the company and to avoid abandonment of the company and moving to other wholesalers.

Agreement, a list of customers realized that the list of clients is also important. Although it might not be interested now, ask the other day can produce good results.

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