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Has anyone tried rancid ice?

I ate frozen raspberries Private Selection (mark) - if possible to ruin frozen fruit, and made. I looked at the package and was imported from Chile .... but I do not think the problem .... only knew that if the fruit was sitting on the ice for so long, the ice was taken a metal, "freezer" taste. Has anyone had this experience with frozen?

yeah .. usually caused by the freezing elements thawing out frozen, then later. supermarket chains such disgusting and how companies can transport ..

Metal Detecting - spare parts hunting or shooting Hot Spots

Shooting hunting or coin money "as it is often called, not only very fun to do, but can easily be profitable. Find a gold piece or any rare coin can pay the cost of the metal detector. When it comes to currencies from hunting or currencies, "there are some places that I call" hot spots ", or the best places.

Rives - Ponds - Lakes - Swimming Holes: These locations are scavenger hunt points more true. The Bank is a vast area that can provide a lifetime of detection. banks River were used as ferries, and some had covered bridges with tolls. Meters local elders may be able to say that the local fishing spots and age were swimming. Remember that many of the ancient fishing grounds have also been points of drinking water and parties, swimming holes and many people took out their clothes, losing change as they did. And back even earlier in the year people take their clothes to the river for washing water. The same is true of farm ponds age, were used as a summer time favorite swimming spot or picnic area. Banks and banks of rivers, ponds, streams, lakes, etc., are ideal for coins, jewelry, beads and more.

Schools - Churches: These are also "hot" areas to detect metal Most cities and even rural areas have a school, some of them have several. Schools are open during school season are a ideal place to find modern coins and coins, even a little dress, too many jewels, miniature cars, jewelry and can be found less easily in the field of the modern school.

If you are as lucky as me, then you live in a rural area or country retains much of its old buildings. I know where there are two old buildings that served as the school room at home, these places were open in late 1800 to early 1940. Imagine the wonderful view that these grounds of age can hide. The houses of the old school room has also been churches, social halls, farm buildings, and as meeting places for scouts, ladies aid society and more.

Many churches and houses of a piece of the school did not own treasure chests, that is. When these buildings were built, children and adults who buried a chest in the park or in a cornerstone of the edifice. The chest is a sort of Time Capsule coins, newspapers and other unique items from the time the building was constructed. Many of these old buildings rotted over time, and people have forgotten capsule buried near the corner stone.

Field research is located in a church is like finding a stash of pirates you never know what you found. And many churches are very old, even as more modern schools, are based on a land They were the ancients. Churches were often the first buildings in many cities. Here where I live are numerous churches, and was built in the early 1700s. Church buildings are not just people on Sunday, but most were wedding sites, reception, dance halls, dinner sites, ice cream social locations, a point of encounter group and much more.

Woods - The woods can be awesome to metal detecting, if you know what to look for. Look for old paths, those are good places to detect along. The old roads in the woods served as shortcuts to open fields for farmers to purchase equipment through, or livestock to follow and more. In a region woodland not far from where I grew up as a girl, I know where he is an old road, now with trees and shrubs, most people ignore it or do not know what the story. My grandfather and my father built the road by blasting stumps with dynamite and by hand cutting trees. They have used the road for quick access to tractors and other farm machinery to another open field below the woods. Imagine how many times my father and grandfather, probably Sat along the old road, eating lunch or taking a bit of fresh lemon in the shade of a tall tree. Whenever One sat on a street for lunch, often retired an old handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his nose or mouth, often losing a change pocket at the same time.

Another site of rare metals, but the detection of large size are often found in wood and stone foundations Stone fireplaces, everyone has the potential of a rare gold coin or a pot of $ old silver. Remember that once the stone foundation or fireplace was part of a family home, with children playing, parties and numerous outdoor activities.

Some other great sites for metals determination are - parks, beaches, Old ballfields, playgrounds, amusement parks, campgrounds, camps, Ghost Towns, Battlefields, Old places picnic. Make sure you have permission to dig and dig around that will make its detection.

It is a PC software that is made for the hobby of metal detecting. The software is called: 'Metal Detector - Treasure Hunter Professional, and can be seen at this address:

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