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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Ice Premium Glass products and information here meets your needs.

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Fisher Paykel Refrigerator New Released Rf540adux1

The new Fisher Paykel Fridge Freezer RF540ADUX1 has some amazing features you can expect from a manufacturer like Fisher Paykel.

Fisherman Paykel designs, manufactures and markets a wide appliances innovative developed with a commitment to technology, design, ease of use and awareness the environment.

Humidity controlled tank containers keep food fresh longer, save money and maintenance time and waste to a minimum. adjustable glass shelves means that you have control over the main space of the refrigerator, and alarms door will provide peace of mind that whenever you make a mistake leaving open. Deli storage area means you have different areas of different types of products.

Full halogen lighting provides an excellent view in the refrigerator and freezer capacity too high, which is completely free of frost. Gallon bottle storage shelves means you do not need a separate cellar.

The new design is the The The highlight for most. A full range designer handle, electronic interface and distributor of outdoor fresh water gives a very key the modern target = "_blank"> RF540ADUX1.

Energy index of A is rare that a product with a capacity Gross total of 541 liters. Piece of Mind takes the form of a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. Please call for more information or to order

Fisher & Paykel has been the development of products and markets more than 70 years. Founded in 1934 by Maurice Paykel and Sir Woolf Fisher, has grown from small beginnings to become one of New Zealand businesses precursors and Fisher & Paykel is now seen as the innovator in their industry. The electronic control of smart motors, along with other technologies in manufacturing give Fisher & Paykel a place in many international circles from Asia to Europe and appliances, the United States. Logo Fisher & Paykel is a household name and obtaining a premium for a brand, we offer a unique contemporary look that is popular in over 40 countries worldwide. Fisher Paykel is a chip manufacturer that makes a bold visual statement on high performance in your kitchen.

All models Fisher Paykel have a total of 2 years guarantee from the United Kingdom.

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