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Another poem from me, what do you think?

The shadow of the depressed housing in the shadow of depression desire Despite my recent obsession almost every day I am faced with the impression that little of what I like with aggression, but I can not stop this uncontrollable urge Somewhere, there must be planted a seed for now infest my mind like a weed, I'm going my way I follow suit to stay healthy I'm not the only way to get control of my brain, I can not let this anxiety continue to reign, he left me so many problems, it is essential that I can clear my head enough to understand why I have tried regrettable that hand, I have to change my faith to help me keep it is with God beside me on my feet, I arrive

Very nice. I love it. Surely you have talent, I love rhyme and the wide range of vocabulary. You poem really gives the reader an exciting could happen. You really did these words come to life. Never stop writing! Such I should write songs too.

How to impress the girls, even if you're not very attractive - you do not have to worry about the new appearance

You can certainly impress the girls, but they are not attractive so obsessed with balding and overweight. Remember that nobody is perfect and be unattractive in the conventional sense does not mean you are not eligible. Go ahead, do not be afraid to tackle girls, because these forms of insecurity lightly especially if you have the following qualities.

Take a part-time job while still in school because the girls admire and are attracted to guys who are financially independent. You earn their respect if you are a self-made man. And once you have the money to buy the latest gadgets, and change your wardrobe for something interesting to wear. Cut your hair and the colony chip to fit your personality. The girls prefer more guys who just spend their money parents.

Improve their financial independence and social status of girls admire because he is already a work experience collection. You'll also gain a reputation as a hustler, and gives them an advantage over other children. But we must be humble and keep a low profile. Keep the company of good people, because it reflects its social aspect. Being a people person shows the emotional intensity and confidence is undeniably remarkable women. See also care about other people because it is a good emotional support and respect can foster serious.

Polish your personality to show good form and the positive attitude and the girls will be attracted to you. Sharpen your people skills and public speaking to captivate people with his wit and humor. Girls love being with men who can make people laugh. You can always improve your personality and confidence by keeping their personal appearance, taking great care of their health and hygiene.

Now listen carefully

How would you discover a land bursting with a secret who will do anything and all the girls chasing you around like a madman even if you are fat, bald or just ugly. Do not do anything in his life, unless read every word of the first next page. Trust me ... This is something you do not want to lose at any cost. Follow this link to this moment, Click Here

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