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How decorative rubber sealing a big business?

When I speak of decorative rubber stamping family businesses come to mind: the whole night media, personal Stamp Exchange, Posh Impressions

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Rubber stamps are expensive and inefficient

Office and process efficiency are increasingly important for all sizes of business. One of the easiest ways to start saving is simple to automate manual tasks that consume unnecessary time every day. Using rubber stamps is a place to start.

Although there has been a significant shift to electronic documents, paperless office remains a myth. Its use began to stabilize in the past year. Speaking of incredible amounts of paper for the production of original documents and final. A domain is easily optimized is the document marked. The use of self-inking stamps in the business environment inhibits productivity and loss of time in almost all cases of workflow paper. On the other hand, is very dangerous from the standpoint of the integrity of the document.

Use self-inking and / or "rubber" stamps is a paper based workflows to the old and quite inefficient way of document markup. Evidence of this exists in the simple fact that the use of self-inking stamps is a manual process that can be made more effective by a word processor with automation the right. In addition, if an information worker requires multiple copies of a document must be sealed and the document contains several pages, each page is needed to determine whether the document should be secure and / or protected. Otherwise, at least on the first page of each copy must be sealed.

The use of visible watermarking is a process similar manual. The watermark should be inserted in each copy of the document. Subsequently, the document must be printed, the watermark and remove the watermark inserted different because the process is repeated. In addition, the watermark visible (usually a shade of gray) can be separated easily a document by adjusting the contrast in a copier or a scanner.

Consider a example. If a worker has a seven-page document and need three copies, which is usually printed in the original, and then quit his job and go to a photocopier. There will be more than 14 copies. If the document is that it is safe, every page must be stamped, which requires 21 Manual prints - One for each page of the document. Combine that with the fact that most self-inking stamps clearly the text of the document. This means that the document must be sealed margin of the page that appears in a "copy" that can become a simply block the original seal on the margin.

In addition, the time lost by the worker goes to a photocopier, marking and installation of the copy stops at the water fountain, socialization, and return on its accounting office for an average of eight (8) minutes of time per event. Add that up over a year - only once a day - and lost time (productivity) is on average more than $ 750/yr. per worker

The use of automatic dialing of a complement for Word document or create your own macros (for marking single) virtually eliminates the need for the use of identification documents of rubber stamps. If you save unnecessary travel daily to a photocopier - save an average of over $ 750/yr. for information workers. And if you're short workers as appropriate in the current economy, you save time as you can not afford to lose. Using graphics automated document marked on the integrity of the document provides a business environment, security, standardization and conformity that can not be stamps self-inking. Manual processes can not achieve these goals is very necessary.

About the Author

StampIt for Word add-in is a program developed by Enhancement Software that graphically makes custom rubber stamps using solid, visible watermark or hollow/outline images all customizable by the user. StampIt is able to print multiple copies of the same document -- with different stamps on each copy -- all in one print session. It can also print an entire document and only mark selected pages. There are many other time-saving features of StampIt. Eliminating rubber stamps is one of them. A free 15 day/15 use free trial is available.


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