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How I can prevent from bending when I hand quilt?

I have a about an inch of Hoop 12 with the left hand orientation needle and my right hand from the top job. I do not usually take more than two straight points before making my cable through. Arcmin my hands and I wonder if there is a way to keep my needle bending and replaced as often.

Usually, when my needle arc is one of two things. Make sure you not unnecessarily seam allowances (For example, if you used 1 / 4 "seams, quilt a little more than 1 / 4" inside the seam line). If have to bite through the seam, use a knife, not the turning point. Drop your quilt in the hoop. When the blanket is tight, you put much pressure on your hand when you move from top to bottom. If all else fails, go to a needle with a larger size (see figure below). Good luck - it is so afflicted.

Quilting rotary cutter

Padding uses a rotary cutter, a tool used to cut pieces of fabric or material. These rotary tools are available in several sizes, although the basic rotary cutter, consists of a circular blade. In general, for quilting, small leaves are used to cut corners, and larger are used to cut straight lines. With the help of rotating blades, quilts are able to reduce large quantities of materials quickly and with greater precision. To proceed with the rotary cutting, you need a rotary cutter, mat where you can place the material to be cut and thick plastic or wooden ruler. As mentioned above, there are two main types of rotating blades while the smaller is generally used for cutting, rotary cutting by Full largest recommended.

You get different types of rotating blades, they have different types of blades and handles, and a wide variety of protective covers. Most of the time is a big bucket is rotatable to cut a series of layers of tissue or tissue of a sudden. Sometimes the court will not be very precise where too many fabrics are cut time. It is essential that a rotary cutter quilt has a lot of patience, especially when many parts cut fabric at a time. rotating blades should also be cautious and aware during the cut, because these blades are extremely sharp, and if proper care is not taken, is injured.

For Quilters, a rotary cutter is not only a useful tool, but essential. With these knives, padding is able to cut several layers of fabric and get the edge smooth. Very often, a large rotary cutter is used for this purpose. A cutting mat is also necessary when the filling is removed, to protect the surface of the blade while cutting. You will find different types of cutting mats available on the market. These cutting mats have been marked and its recommended to go on a carpet of 22 cm wide, and that this carpet, you can double the width of the fabric and cut in half.

It is necessary to follow some precautions basic security using a rotary cutter for quilting. Each time the knife is not used, it is important that the road is closed. This can prevent unnecessary accidents with the sharp blade. A special cutting table should be used in conjunction with the drill to avoid damaging surface or blades. In addition, this mat also prevent the fabric from slipping during cutting. A rule is also required so that we can make good signals. Padding Some focus completely in the court and attention to the strawberry, or it may suffer serious setbacks. The rotary cutter also be kept clean and in a safe place, out of reach of children.

One of the key skills necessary for a quilt is rotary cut. Once this art rotary cutting control, saves time and effort. If done correctly, accuracy is also quite surprising.

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