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Can anyone tell me about the number forty four?

Like fun facts.

There are forty four bones in kittens body.(I have no earthly idea, I just made that up.)

Something like that.

In mathematics

Forty-four is a tribonacci number, a happy number and an octahedral number.

The aliquot sequence of 44 is (44,40,50,43,1,0).

Given Euler's totient function, \varphi(44)=20 and \varphi(69)=44.

In science

* The atomic number of ruthenium


* Messier object M44, a magnitude 4.0 open cluster in the constellation Cancer, also known as the Beehive Cluster

* The New General Catalogue object NGC 44, a double star in the constellation Andromeda

* The Saros number of the solar eclipse series which began on April 30, 1448 BC and ended on June 7, 168 BC . The duration of Saros series 44 was 1280.1 years, and it contained 72 solar eclipses.

* The Saros number of the lunar eclipse series which began on October 1, 1363 BC and ended on March 27, 153 . The duration of Saros series 44 was 1514.5 years, and it contained 85 lunar eclipses.

In sports

* The retired numbers for former baseball players[citation needed] Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey, Al Downing, and Reggie Jackson. Downing was wearing No. 44 when Aaron, also wearing No. 44, hit home run No. 715 off him on April 8, 1974, in Atlanta, breaking Babe Ruth's lifetime record.[citation needed]
* Retired NFL Numbers: Floyd Little (Denver) and Pete Retzlaff (Philadelphia)[citation needed]
* Retired NBA Numbers: Dan Issel, (Denver Nuggets); Jerry West (L.A. Lakers)Paul Westphal (Phoenix Suns); Sam Lacey (Sacramento Kings); and George Gervin (San Antonio Spurs).
* Todd Bertuzzi's jersey number.[citation needed]
* A number of legend at Syracuse University, worn by great football players Erine Davis, Floyd Little, and Jim Brown. The number is now officially retired.

In other fields

Forty-four is:

* The code for international direct dial phone calls to the United Kingdom
* The designation of Interstate 44, a freeway that runs from Texas to Missouri
* The designation of U.S. Route 44, a highway that runs from New York to Massachusetts
* A poker game in which each player is dealt four cards down, and four cards are dealt face down on the table in a row. The first three cards on the table are "community" cards and may be used in any player's hand. The fourth card and any card matching it in rank is wild, and can also be used in a hand (each player is guaranteed one wild card). For each of four rounds, one "community" card is flipped up and a round of betting occurs. After the last round, the winner is the person with the highest poker hand.
* The name of a mysterious savior of Poland prophesied in Adam Mickiewicz's drama Dziady
* The name of the Mysterious Stranger in Mark Twain's novel "No 44, the Mysterious Stranger."
* The .44 Magnum or .44 Special revolver cartridges
* The name of the band including former blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus and former blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, [[+44 (band)|+44]]
* Vicks Formula 44 is a cough suppressant


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