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What happens if you put the wrong colour ink cartridge in a printer?

If I accidently put a black ink cartridge in the yellow slot in my printer, what would happen? Would my printer be ruined permanently? Or would it be ok after I switched the cartridge to the correct colour again? Thanks!

If you didn't print anything you should be fine. Just pop the yellow back in and print a test page to make sure.

If you did print something it may take a few pages before you get perfect yellow again, depending on if there's any black ink left over in the yellow slot.

Either way it shouldn't ruin your printer (unless you have some kind of horribad brand).

Branded Ink Cartridges - Quality at a Cheap Price

We are well known of the fact that quality comes at a price. However, when it comes to ink cartridges, there are some quality brands that are really affordable. These quality ink cartridges are from some of the leading brands in the world.

For instance, if we walk about HP ink cartridges, they are a brand in themselves. These ink cartridges are from one of the best printer and electronic consumable brands Hewlett Packard.

Companies like HP are not new to the world and are known for their excellence in quality products. Though ink cartridges are introduced about twenty years back, since then the popularity of these ink cartridges is ever growing.

Ink cartridge is a most used replaceable component. These are used in printers to supply ink to print to take prints. The ink passes through some technological procedures and then spreads out on the paper to get desired images and alphabets.

The quality of your print depends on the quality of your printer and ink cartridges used. For the better performance of your printer and the better quality print-outs, the quality of ink cartridge used must be good.

When it comes to quality HP ink cartridges are synonymous. These HP ink cartridges are high in quality as well as reliability. A good quality ink cartridge gives you your money's worth. Apart from the quality of your print-outs, a good quality ink cartridges guarantees a hassle-free printing performance.

Though you may find the cost of HP ink cartridges relatively high, especially if you compare them to the refilled cartridges; but if you carefully consider the overall running cost, you will be surprised that in the longer period of time, these original cartridges are much more economical.

Since every branded ink cartridges, whether it’s from HP or Brother, Canon or Dell, or any other well-known such as Epson and Lexmark; reduces the overall running costs such as reprinting due to printer malfunctions. And chances of printer repairs as also low as a quality product will give you the best quality performance and safe for your printers as well.

Therefore a good quality branded ink cartridge is better in many ways. The first thing is hassle free printing with good quality. Another advantage of using branded ink cartridge is it’s comparatively cheap in the long run. And ultimately, you don’t need to loose money as well as peace of mind.

Another aspect of getting the branded ink cartridges such as HP ink cartridges, you will get some kind of assurance as well. Since every reputed company provides you with commitment and warranty that is the result of investment they do in extensive research & development projects. They are committed to deliver high quality, durable, and reasonable rates for their ink cartridges to the customers.

Therefore, if you're looking for good quality and relatively lower operating cost for printing in the long run, get the best quality branded ink cartridges only.

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So if you are looking for Printer Ink Cartridges, go for the best. Whether it’s Brother Ink Cartridges or some other branded ink such as Epson Printer Ink, find the reliable supplier to get the best at very reasonable rates.


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