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Is there an ink pad made of ink that washes out?

I'm trying to find a way to make embrodiary patterns and would like to know if anyone knows of an ink pad made from ink that will wash out.

Whenever I've needed to wash a stamp out of fabric, I used washable markers (eg. crayola) to "ink" the stamp. I would "huff" on the stamp if it started to dry too early (your warm breath will give life to a slightly dry stamp).

This always worked, and I could feel confidant that the ink would come out. I would recommend trying it on a scrap of fabric before you try it 😉

Good luck!


Todays New Choices in Fingerprint Ink Pads

The last time that you were arrested did you stop to appreciate the ink pad that they were fingerprinting you with? If you are like most people, you most likely didn't and its a darn shame. This is because fingerprinting and fingerprinting ink pads just aren't what they used to be and now they come in more choices then ever before.

If you think that the large commercial model that the cop stuck your hand in is all that is available then you may be surprised to learn that fingerprint pads now come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes now, including little cute round ones that can easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Also the reason that the cop who fingerprinted you was in no hurry to close the lid on the finger print pad, was because now they contain inks that are specially formulated to not dry out if the case is left open. This gives police more time time to enjoy their free donuts and coffee, between fingerprinting inmates like you.

Also did you notice that the pad wasn't all squishy when the cop shoved your hand in it? Thats because the days of squishy soft fingerprint pads are long gone. They have been replaced by new high tech, porous plastic and ceramic pads that that distribute the ink on your hands and finger far more evenly.

Even if they caught you at the scene of the crime you perpitrated, fingerprinting you would have been a breeze. This is because new specially designed, prepackaged disposable fingerprinting ink tape is available, so they can take your fingerprint right there.

However; odds are that by the time you get picked up on your next parole violation they will have the latest fingerprinting scanning technology in place down at the station where they booked you the last time. This technology is able to actually scan your fingerprints digitally and automatically register them in its memory and leave your sticky fingers clean as a whistle.

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