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I bought a stamp and ink pad for the first time. The ink pad is dry. There are no directions.?

Can I just add Water (if so what is the best way to apply water) or is there some sort of solution i was supposed to buy?

There are two types of ink pads. Dye ink and pigment ink. Water will ruin both.
You can buy reinkers to re-ink the pad yourself. I would suggest you take your ink pad to store that sells them and show them what you have. They can tell you if you need to replace your ink pad or just re-ink it.

Increasing Trend of Customized Stamps and Seals

Rubber stamps along with address stamps can cut down by half, the time and energy of all the organizations that is spent on stamping. These two items are repeatedly used in company address envelopes. There are procedures in some of the companies like a law firm or insurance company to stamp the incoming letter as a proof of receiving it. The stamps can consists of different texts or combinations of dates and months or signatures in some cases. The stamps containing signatures should be kept safely to avoid any mishaps for the company. The signature stamp denotes that this is something important to the company.

Custom address stamps

Custom address stamps are a modern concept of using stamps instead of the using traditional ink pad stamps. The custom stamps are available in rubber and wooden material. The custom address rubber stamp looks like an eraser and is are available in different sizes and shapes. It has been gaining popularity over ink pad stamps as it saves a lot of time, effort and money.

The other important reason for its popularity is that it has the potential to change the look of the customer rubber stamp works. It can create different effects by using paints, dye inks and other pigments which can be used with custom rubber stamps.

These can be used for stamping paper to other fabrics including wood, glass, metal and many more. Special pens are used to ink stamp pads by using different colors for a multi-color look. These rubber stamps can print custom trademarks for companies by combining it with other materials. The variety of stamps have given a chance to create different looks to any page.

Custom wax seal stamps

With the increasing usage of custom stamps, there is also an increase in the usage of wax seals by the users. The custom wax seal stamps are used in both personal and professional work. These are used to authenticate a document in many businesses. These are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Customized seals are highly used in personal usages like stamping on invitation cards or even greeting cards.

There is a good demand for custom wax stamps and these are available in wax seal stamps, letter and envelope seals. The best part is that it leaves an excellent impression on the surface. The custom wax seal stamp works with the wooden stamp handle by dripping the melted wax on the surface and pressing it hard with the wooden stamp to leave the design on it.


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