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Friday night fun ... QUIZZZZZ ... Guess what?

And their claims against the company until my mind as you never know Lead me ` here, come, see my mind in a whirlwind of a good song ... forgotten by the majority ....

Sebastian Steve Harley

Cruise on the Costa Brava

Whether you take a ferry, a glass bottom boat, a catamaran cruise with barbecue and champagne, or a walk Boat emotional energy, you will be surprised by the views that sweep the eyes as it passes through the rugged coast, the carpet of pine is in the north-east Spain € ™ s rugged coast â € "the Costa Brava.

Each time you visit the Costa Brava, who canâ € ™ t resist a boat trip to exciting. Join us!

twitching of the stomach, gallop cardiac contractions toes. Enthusiastic and passionate, impatient with the feeling of heart in mouth: thirty minutes of happiness.

We are standing on the edge ™ € s water filtration sand through your toes changed mind, a hokey-kokeying in time with the gentle waves of foam. The boat is vibrant orange: ll soon climb weâ ™ € and take our seats one of the seats are heated by the sun.

We flash a smile at the other. We know what will happen, we fortified by emotions and pregnant women baby.

Swinging side to side, the boat moves smoothly to the outside at the mouth of the undulation of the sea of sapphire tinted. Gradually, the discourse on the beach and decreases the surf of the waves against the ship's side takes over. A gentle breeze stripping waterfront, attracting the eye of strands of clouds hanging over the strong position of the castle walls. There is a moment of serenity, a hot cloud of calm our senses, give them a rest before they are exposed to the wave of emotion.

Then, a tremendous noise, and the mouth of a lion, the motor opens and our breath is our first time as a flight hearts, our stomachs and, finally, the rest of us, are absorbed by distance is a wonder that this incredible boat.

Our emotions overtake us as we jump and duck through the waves and the face of the sea breeze jealous. We're grinning from ear to ear, we canâ ™ € t explain why, but we are so happy. Itâ € ™ sa feeling restless responds with pleasure that we incredible, euphoric, while respecting our environment. The sea is a powerful machine that we learn to fear, but we By touching the surface with a feeling of guilt domination.

As the speed increases legumes our place, our knuckles turn white as our handles tight, we are inclined to elbow and shouting encouragement to our delight and our captain, faster, easier said.

After a time our bodies begin to move naturally with the rate of rise and fall of waves, and we are now ready to accelerate the ship from its course. We are both absorb the moment: buzzing ahead are dramatic cliffs, old age and steep, pine clinging to their tenacity, gradient of rock formations in the sea, historic caves where the smugglers once secreted the contraband hidden coves, tranquil turquoise waters where around the shoreline and snorklers pleasure in schools of fish and anemones slinky pulse.

We swept around a curve front, Whaaaheeeehhh!, We cling to the slope in the water and quickly opening in the rock â € "will stop in time?

And then, total silence. A The motor stops snoring are mild and cruising in a dark cave. You can hear the lapping of the cold water on the bottom of the abyss. The steep walls, bright copper and gold tones face channeled sun, a bright layer of rich amethyst rock along the bottom, more deep in the cave house is a gap to swallow the water being pushed forward by the boat.Â

We told a story on the history of the cave. We listened with interest as they are absorbed by the tales of smugglers and seduced by the stories of lovers lidos hide in this cave intriguing. Truth or ask tale.

Now we're back outside the cave and our pain when eyes, squinting as they adjust to the sunlight. Soon we are again, making our way over the waves and next to the joy of the wild coast.

The wind is like a pair of hands tousled hair and the waves are projected on her lips covered with sweet and salty. We went to the other, laughing, happy. Where Next?

AA Sharp left us adrift in a secluded bay. The water is so calm here have felt stake in warm breeze. As we enter into the clutches of this beautiful cove, our senses are stimulated in many ways: the eyes are accented with a kaleidoscope of green and blue all screens in the middle, glare the sun on the water like glass that seem to spark darting fireflies. We hear the laughter and chatter drowned by the waves gentle wave marked by the sound of a pop cork absorb the cliffs are covered with pines. A yacht is moored next to charm the Bay and its crew impeccably dressed on the cover, after a barbecue. The aroma of fresh fish, olive oil and garlic waves between the nose and dance through our taste buds. Now, we are hungry, but it is time to leave this beautiful bay, whose beauty has left us feeling high and serene, and to continue our Travel along this magical coast.

With a sound like the shoes on the floor, the surface of the water and scrape the side the ship on the rocks and crevices twisted past, scouring all those who make their own characters gradient. We all see different things: a noble at the long nose with a prominent chin, a clenched fist, but the lean finger, the great eagle with wings covered on both sides, the projection of his neck and hooked beak robust in drinking water, as pond, stretching a dinosaur head curiously as foraging on the ground.

Soon we came to another of the bay and the boat is playing Self-bumper with fishing boats and moored buoys. Sunlight breaks down behind the high rocks, forcing the water to reflect a different combination of colors. We are in a powerful, concentrated green. The ultra smooth surface is carved into the hills and locks to it seems a meringue topping. We cut the slimy green water and the beach are on the wall Rock and decreases the intensity of the green is absorbed the new figure of the sun, leaving a brilliant topaz stone.

Although we collect more thrill-seekers of this range, we have over the edge of boat and point and aah and ooh like a shoal of fish light sneak their way in and out of bed copper and amethyst colored rocks in the background. As they move their body with algae starts to follow them until they pulled their moorings on the wrong rock.

Newcomers take their place on the boat and hold on tight as the engine speed and the Beast takes back the waves.

Have suddenly turned into the open sea, screaming with joy as our boat captain expertly slings in one direction and then another. Weâ € ™ re cruising on the crest of a wave, almost in the air for a second and coasted a Haira € ™ s the size of the foam to another. Our city tour has unfortunately come to an end and it our final treatment before weâ € ™ re brought to our senses, and the land we have ignored thirty minutes earlier.

What a way to see the coast of solid!

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