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Types of zippers and how they work!?

which is: - a closed and open end zips, -invisible/concealed closures, zippers, plastic closures teeth luxury metal zippers THANKS:)

the closure of the coil is the bulk of sales of zippers in the world. The controller runs on two coils on each side; The "teeth" are the coils. There are two types of batteries are used: one with coils in a spiral, usually with a cord running inside the coils, the other with coils in ladder form, also called Ruhrmann type. This second type is currently used only in some parts of the world mainly in South Asia. Zippers are made of polyester coils, therefore also known as polyester zippers. Nylon was used once and only If polyester is used now, the type is always known as a nylon zipper. invisible zipper teeth are behind the band. The color of the band coincides with the garment, and the cursor, so that, with the exception of the slider, the closure is "invisible." This type of rack is common in skirts and dresses. invisible zippers are zippers. shutters are the classic zipper type, found mostly in jeans today. Teeth are not a roll, but they are different pieces of malleable metal and put the zipper tape at regular intervals. metal closures are brass, aluminum and nickel, the metal used decision for your teeth. All zippers are basically made of flat wire. A particular type of metal zipper is made of pre-formed wire, usually brass but sometimes other metals. Only a few companies in the world with technology. This type of preformed metal fasteners are used primarily in high-jeans quality work clothes, etc, where high strength is required and the closures must withstand washing difficult. zippers are identical to molded plastic closures metal, except that the teeth are plastic instead of metal. metal zippers can be painted the color of the surrounding tissue, plastic closures can be made at any plastic color. plastic zippers mostly use polyacetal resin though other resins are also used as polyethylene. In use of open-ended closure a "box and pin" locking mechanism on both sides of the zipper in place, often in jackets. Clear All closures will be limited to the specified above. closed zippers are sealed at both ends, which are often used in baggage.

The straight lines, crooked lines puddles ... Oh My

It makes me very happy to see African women in particular, to break stereotypes and succeed in business. This is one reason why I decided to start a blog. But I so busy last week with a translation project that I have not had the opportunity to think what to write another. I doing interviews I did in Escondido Voices and I have another lined with a lady of Uganda made a remarkable job in East Africa. But for now, I'm just happy because Designer101 bag said they would like me to film and sent me some questions to answer preparation. Going through the issues that really took my memories. I laughed a little (actually much) that I remembered when I was still beat around the "earth" the idea trying to think what on earth can do without. I remembered that, once having decided try bag-making, I was so frustrated that I could not find Sewing Contractors wanting to work with someone who has begin. Everyone I contacted said they were not interested in producing small quantities. At frustration that day, I'm online and ended in Europe!

I could not afford to make large quantities and would not be. I think more or less the bags waiting to be not what I wanted and was willing to live with it. In fact, what I was really worried, is quality. I'm almost finished fan. Ultimately I decided not to use one of my best drawings and instead sent a collection bag which he had used for my first pattern background - which proved a disaster.

"I do not afraid of them, do the bags to the right or worse, being cheated? Of course, it was not I had done all he could do (at that time was close to zero) to find someone, anyone, to produce them. I do not even know he had providing technical drawings bags. I could barely draw a circle. You see, all this just after I took the radical decision that instead of simply sell bags, starting at design time. (Read the full article here). Well, I learned later that the design of the bags was only the beginning of the process. I still had to choose the fabrics and leathers, linings, fasteners, handles and other elements of the bag and send them to contractors sewing - and everything to Bulgaria. Yes, I heard you, Bulgaria! . I had to ask for mercy for them to agree to pack up and initially they told me that their minimum order is 1,000 pieces. Would only 30!

Finally, they said yes, but by then I was cold feet and developed all the concerns I mentioned above came suddenly. I found the "yes" and test all that, to the point I decided that maybe just forget about it. I mean, after all, did not have no contact in Bulgaria and knew nothing about the country and be very honest with myself (and you), I had no idea what he was doing all the way Eastern Europe to make bags! But they have one thing that was in my favor. You see, I had a dream that would not die. And when you have a dream ...

Again Rocker was hesitant about what to do with common sense and conventional wisdom has been strongly alluded, I must add, to abandon the idea. I do not remember what was the trigger, but nothing, I suddenly remembered a book I read several years ago. It was the autobiography Mr. An Wang, co-founder of Wang Laboratories and titulado''''Lecciones. There were two quotes in particular that really left an imprint my mind. The first said: "You have to risk failure to succeed. The important thing is not to make a single mistake that will jeopardize the future.'' Well, I'm not really in Bulgaria, my bag and tissue components, so that it could endanger a large number, right? I mean this is not like my life is at stake or something like that, it was like I thought. However, I must admit it sounded pretty crazy to go all the way Bulgaria just to get a few bags when I had the whole U.S. (When I lived at the time) to choose. I still struggling with a "yes", she did not, do not, when I remembered that there was another of the appointment of Dr. Wang has been stored in one instead of my e-mail. I searched for it and found it. He said: "Progress is not a straight line, the future is not a simple projection of present trends. Instead, it is revolutionary. Overturns this conventional wisdom, often hidden or ignored clues to the future.''

Well, I struggled with the conventional wisdom enough and that if she worked for Dr. Wang could possibly work for me. I So her advice and tried to escape something that I felt would endanger the success of the project. I followed the company with a lot of questions, e-mails, telephone conversations and did what I was looking at society through the Internet. Few weeks Later, I decided to go ahead.

"All the work of Perfection? Of course not. Have you been deceived? Nope. If the bags well in terms of quality and finish? Very. Keep the time right? Yes, I gained what I expected, but did not provide technical drawings? It exceeded my expectations: the sample bag I sent was horrible. What was the selling price of the sack? $ 80. It was worth? Course! Have I made mistakes? Sure. I learned how important it is to offer good technical drawings if you want your models to take properly. I was fortunate to have had some type of sample to show to give an idea of what I wanted. He also knew nothing about the customs of the United States at the time and then took a course on it to escape the bondage of my ignorance. Would you again? In case of need. Why? "Because sometimes you have to leave what you see, because if you see the invisible, then God bless you can do the impossible."
TD Jakes.

After the straights necessary step to walk the crooked lines and the activity in the puddles, I Dr. Wang taught never underestimate the power of a quotation. Besides, you know what they say: If the appointment is set, run with it.

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