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Addressing wedding invitation do we do this?

Wedding is October 15 and I'm getting the invitations finished and ready to be mailed. I have about 15 envelopes for 25 guests to get mailed out.

The wedding is very informal and all those we're inviting are pretty much informal as well. We're getting married on a train through a train museum we visit frequently (and my fiance volunteers at as a photographer) and this will also be fairly informal. Casual dress, small event.

Traditionally speaking I know it should be "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe" for married couples or "Mr. John Doe and Miss Jane Doe" (we have a father and his 12 year old daughter invited).

Given it is informal is it okay to write "John and Jane Doe" or "John Doe and Jane Doe" for the father/daughter? I don't necessarily wish to breach etiquette but due to its informal nature I don't want to be too fancy pants with the traditional aspect.

Anyone have any good insight to this so I can be sure I do this correctly?

It is totally acceptable to change the formality of your wording slightly to mirror your event.

I would write "Mr. and Mrs. Doe" or "John and Jane Doe" for married couples. For an adult daughter living with parents, I would still send her own invite separate from her father. For a child, you could write the fathers name "John Doe" and then "Miss Jane Doe" or simply "and Jane" underneath on the second line.

Im no expert with envelope etiquette. But I think this makes sense.


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