Ionic Rock Salt

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Perform the following steps or make covalent ionic?

Potassium Chromate K2 (CrO4) K4 potassium dichromate (CrO4) 2 sucrose C12H22O11 rock NaCl salt pentahdrate Cu Copper II Sulphate (SO4) (H2O) 5 K potassium permanganate (MnO4) barium chloride dihydrate BaCl SiO2 sand (H2O) 2

Note: = metal ions (cations) with a nonmetal (anion). The Pauling electronegativity difference can also be used to determine ionic or covalent. If the difference is 1.7 or higher, then it is ionic. If it's 0.6 or lower is covalent. K2CrO4 K4 = ion (CrO4) 2 = = ionic covalent C12H22O11 ... all hydrocarbons are covalent. NaCl ionic CuSO4 * 5H2O = = = = KMnO4 ion ionic covalent SiO2. Is a semi-metal and a nonmetal. In this case, you must use the Pauling electronegativity difference. BaCl * 2H2O = ionic

Salt Water Pools: are They Really Better?

Salt water pools can cause damage to your environment, your pool equipment, and your skin, not to mention your overall health. Because the chemicals used to treat salt water pools, namely chlorine, can be harmful to your health, it would be a good idea to explore other options available to you.

The backsplash water from salt water pools can kill any vegetation that happens to be near the pool as the chemicals will splash out with the water. Those harsh chemicals can do terrible things to your pool equipment and any decorations you might have near the pool as well. Decorative rock formations near salt water pools have been known to deteriorate and decay from the abrasive chlorine and salt chemicals used to treat salt water pools.

Salt water pools and the chemicals they use to clean the water can cause a feeling of dryness in your skin and irritate your eyes, making them red and puffy. The chlorine in salt water pools can cause a change to your hair color and can fade your swimwear. The vibrant colors of your bright orange or bright pink swimming attire won't stay vibrant with prolonged use in salt water pools.

Chlorine, used to treat salt water pools, has been linked to possible asthma incidents. Inhaling chlorine fumes into your lungs is dangerous and can be painful. Studies involving chlorine have also linked it to bladder and rectal cancers, as well as heart disease.

There are more natural cleaning systems so that you don't have to rely on harsh salt and chlorine chemicals in salt water pools. An ionic water purifying system using copper ions and including a natural oxygen oxidation process is one such method that cleans your pool water. Water cleaned naturally with such a purifying process is sparkling clear and the water remains cleaner for a longer period of time, regardless of how many bathers use your swimming pool.

Salt water pools cleaned with chlorine are subject to temperature changes, exposure to sunshine and rain, and the more swimmers in the pool, the shorter period of time it remains clean. You have to constantly adjust the pH level in pool water for the salt and chlorine to be effective. Chlorine can also produce a smell that isn't natural to a swimming pool.

Just as salt water pools aren't safe for you, your children, family and friends, they aren't safe for the family pets either. You don't want to expose your pets to the harsh chemicals of salt water pools by allowing them to get in the water. Small children and pets are more likely to get a higher dose of toxins sooner because their bodies, and therefore their physical systems, are smaller.

If you ingest a mouthful of swimming pool water treated with chemicals, it won't taste good and the ingredients going directly into the cells and tissues of your body are not going to be healthful. If you choose an ionic purification system with copper ions, it won't taste nearly as bad and if you drank two gallons of the water, the total amount of copper you would ingest would be relative to what is contained in a vitamin supplement

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