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My Droid is enclosed in a bell .. How I can make it stop?

Some time ago I downloaded the free application "Ringdroid" Android Market. Then cut the flight of Icarus by Iron Maiden song made my ringtone. Since then, no matter what I do, my tone is always reporting the same song. I tryed to return the application and enforcement of another ring on it, but so far nothing has worked. Motorcycle certainly Droid

Venton has tons ringtones. You can make your own custom ringtones for free

The iPhone: Worthy of the hype, and much more

Everyone will be better than me because the iPhone, if you own or not. It's like the arrival of local number portability - for customers who changed providers, could access another phone, function, or the price they wanted to plan. But even for customers who do not change supplier, they have much benefited from the fact that companies need to compete for existing customers. Before that, only carriers actually competing for new customers. Customer benefits that free calls network, "rollover minutes Cingular, Sprint Fair and Flexible plans, T-Mobile" Five ", and pro rata costs VZW early exit are all the answers WLNP competition.

Similarly, the iPhone requires all vendors and other telephone companies to raise their games. The answers were numerous, as Sony Ericsson W580, W200, or more K790a (all much cheaper), the Helio Ocean (consumer multimedia phone 3G), the HTC Touch. And with AT & T to some music much more compelling (and video) services via iTunes, Sprint and Verizon have completely rethink their stores mobile music. Do you really think their recent price cuts have been made in a vacuum?

Even before it is released, Other competitors have redoubled their efforts, low prices and improved devices in anticipation of the Apple device. Imagine what happens on market if the iPhone is really successful and other suppliers of copies of best practice it.

Shake the balance of power.
Discuss important issues. Airlines have had a stranglehold on the design features, characteristics and fury tenacious grip on the content and services that are offered to subscribers. This was done at the expense of large wireless Value Added Services (VAS) industry (just ask any developer, off the record, when there is no support within earshot.) Trying to control everything that stifled creativity. By taking cuts of 50% of all VAS, extinguished incentives.

One might think that in a competitive market (which I service the United States without thread s), would have one or more carriers compete for ... giving customers what they want! (Duh), Hutch 3UK has in Great Britain because they were desperately competitive. However, what we have, in most markets, including the United States, is the prisoner's dilemma oligopoly: all Business strangle the market in a similar way, and none dropped out of the agreement de facto. Driven by fear, think that the rope is Good for them. However, when one of these flaws, the game is over and they all end up worse off for having played. And AT & T has just begun.

The current model of Apple's iTunes-based iPhone carriers around (a little) and we can expect to see more music, video and content available on phones through a lot of synchronization via USB or Wi-Fi For this reason, AT & T has relinquished significant power to Apple. When customers learn how it can be easy to enter and leave your device, you will arrive at this model. Other companies will not be able to compete with AT & T on an EVA to also tear down their walled gardens.

In fact, stealing customers from other operators.
The Carriers often launch applications and exclusive content. Think Shakira in videos and ringtones from Verizon Wireless, SMS or any inter-company or VZW PTT. Everyone has been launched in hopes to differentiate itself from competitors and steal their customers. However, these applications have seen come and go - and none been strong enough to beat the customers from one company to another. It only to the extent that has actually been beating the bad service was a current supplier. That rise up the phone functions are supposed to rock our worlds, but in reality, only two applications for non-voice distance were "murderer". This SMS and email, and no company has not really differentiate between them.

But it's different. The iPhone is probably the first customer churn positive differentiation. We know from research, analogical evidence, and the fact that a million people applied the device from AT & T. Four days before the launch, people camping outside AT & T and Apple stores. Has it ever occurred in the telecommunications field? eBay and Craigslist have "business server" proposes to make an online fee. Subscribers of other carriers have their contracts expire to they can have the freedom to switch suppliers for the iPhone. And if you want an iPhone, you must be at AT & T. This is a great scope.

And AT & T goes beyond the benefits of rotation of AT & T for iPhone. The prestige of the brand gained will be important. AT & T is cool again to the first time in a horseless carriage was not. People enter the AT & T stores just to have a look, perhaps buy other thing. Make a sale: at least one subscriber to Verizon Wireless and more than a penny to AT & T - everyone is a churn double victory in the eyes of Wall Street. I think it clear that Apple's exclusive contract is good for AT & T for the reasons mentioned above, and I actually think it's a movement without pain because of the prosecution ...

And there will be ancillary benefits obtained by AT & T. I think the willingness of companies to historical control was self-destructive. They cut the cake, and claimed a big chunk. Apple forced AT & T to open, and will be the first company to do have an advantage and leadership on the cake even more. More content, data services, more, more activity, more revenue. Hey, I I noticed that the car was in paragraph 1.

Of course, it is theirs to lose. The phone is not likely to flop, but if the network flops (as AT & T Wireless did when their new subscriber Provisioning System WLNP not required) will have a lot of egg on their faces.

The decisive factor.
That said, the iPhone is not for me. I think the choice of phone is mainly by the second rule of features. You have not heard of this rule because I just invented. But the first priority, basically, almost everyone for a phone mobile voice connectivity. But all phones have to provide general consumption. So people end up choosing the type of phone you have priority for their second feature film. It may be (followed by example):
+ Games (BREW phones)
Size +
+ Design (the RAZR, Vertu)
+ Price (Development)
Email + (um.. Blackberry)
+ Enterprise Applications (Windows Mobile or RIM)
+ Camera (Nokia N95)
Text SMS + (Danger Hiptop)
+ Music (Sony Ericsson, iPhone)
+ IU (iPhone, Helio Ocean)
+ Wi-Fi
+ Data Rate
+ Video (MediaFLO phones, DVB-H in the EU)

But a phone today being the size it is, can not be great in all these areas. Even if money is not important, commitments have to do. Thus, some devices are better in one thing and others something else. For me, my second priority is email, and do not consider the iPhone a strong competitor. But if your second priority is the media communication, which could be a client of the iPhone.

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