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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Iron Decal Heat products and information here meets your needs.

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Neoprene Can you iron?

I want to get a clear neoprene sleeve for my laptop and put stickers of iron itself. If treatment iron on the decal will melt and neoprene damaged or withstand the heat long enough for the plate to tie? Thanks!

products are often cut neoprene neoprene closed cell foam as an inner core and a polyester. This is the kind of material that wetsuits, and sleeves are many equipment. It has a melting point approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below that of most products iron on transfer. In addition, the sandwich is a thermal insulating neoprene very good (which is why it is so desirable for suits and protective clothing), but this property means that heat is not removed easily, making the material appear to "blow" to melt, once near its melting temperature. A better approach would put the iron on patch designs on fabric, then sew the fabric of the neoprene patch.

Consumer Guide to Buying blinds

Consumer Guide to Buying Blinds

By Dean Frost

President, Elizabeth Stores

Elizabeth Shutters We believe strongly in our products and we hope that this is reflected in everything we do. However, each consumer is different Stores and Elizabeth will not be the right person for everyone. Given the options available, we have tried to provide consumer advice on the best option for them. Consumers seeking additional information are invited to write or do your own research. Please contact us for information updates and other points of view.


Blinds What is the cost?

Unfortunately, this is more basic question as: "How a car? "The answer varies greatly depending on what you buy, making it and where you buy it. That refers the purchase of materials, including materials and if blinds are rectangles and special shapes. A panel of the base materials (MDF) shutter simple rectangular shape can sell for as little as $ 13 per square foot. On the other end of the scale, a linden Total 100%, the shutter custom color in a ray of sunshine (growing) form can cost $ 50 per square foot. The following guide reflects general price later southern California, the data we have. Prices shown are for boxes sold by the square foot, including installation and all other expenses, excluding sales tax. Sometimes sellers advertising a discount on a high selling price (Save 35 %!")," free "Windows or a lower price for the blank panel, only (13.95/sf $!). Like most industries, the company has its share shutter overzealous vendors. Beware hidden for delivery, installation, materials or the lowest amount of the order of costs. In most cases, when you want the blinds are installed price per square foot back to industry standards.

Material (see below for a discussion of materials)

Average price per square foot


$ 13 - $ 17

Plastics - Vinyl

$ 14 - $ 25

Plastic - Foam Vinyl

$ 16 - $ 40

Aspen wood or cedar

$ 14 - $ 24

Tilo articulated fingers

$ 14 - $ 28

100% Total Tilo

$ 16 - $ 40

Typically, blinds manufactured in China are cheaper that American-made blinds, or both as one third less (see below for a fuller discussion of the two countries' products.) And, as in many industries, manufacturers tend to be more competitive than wholesale prices, which tend to be more competitive than retail. It varies a little, However, as the level of service and choice. Lindenwood customers, the product that we know best, usually spend $ 20 to $ 30 per square foot in the blinds.

What is the best: Shades Chinese or American?

Both products have a market based on the strengths and weaknesses inherent their country of origin.

Chinese manufacturers have significant cost advantages trigger based on rates at low wages and freedom of costs of government regulation of manufactured goods. However, these same manufacturers are disabled by the absence of an internal market and shutter its distance from the U.S. market. His departure has led to inconsistent quality and delivery. As Chinese manufacturers have results returned to the U.S. market more standard focusing on the price of quality, selection or service. In general Product quality has improved in recent years, some products are available with exclusive frame styles, and remain, for the most part cheapest blinds on the market. blinds manufactured in China can cost up to 25% less internal blinds.

U.S. manufacturers shutter generally offer a more customized product with high quality materials, more consistent quality, more guarantees and faster delivery for foreign manufacturers. This due to several causes, including: a long history of stopping the internal production, the proximity between the manufacturer and the American consumer (This improves communication, response time allows greater customization and reduced), and the environment, product disclosure and regulation security products that distinguish the United States most LDCs.

United States made Blinds

O is Shutters Chinese

Typical warranty

5 years of life

2 to 4 years

Home Delivery

6 to 8 weeks

8 to 12 weeks

Necessary repairs

2 to 4 weeks

8 to 12 weeks


$ 15 to $ 40 per square foot for the rectangles

$ 13 to $ 35 per meter square foot rectangles meters

What the best material: plastic wood or MDF?

Basswood is the material lighter and stronger filler, but tends to be the most expensive, too (similar to the improvement of iron steel). This means that little or no slack in the panels or shutters; thinner, more pieces attractive architectural integrity and the ability to create models more intelligent. Some manufacturers have opted for cedar, poplar, pine or exotic wood to reduce costs while retaining most of the strength of the lime.

For consumers engaged in the wood, but can not afford traditional hardwood, there are laminated, jointed cardboard and wood available. They are created for the mixture of wood pieces and glue to provide more direct and less expensive hardware. The "genius" of forests tend to have problems with incompatible carpenter, weight and the glue that holds different ages and adjacent woods. With time and wear, glued joints can be folded in different ways to the creation of cracks adhesive surface and dark markings.

Plastic comes in a variety of forms, including vinyl extruded vinyl or aluminum with a core MDF foam and vinyl. color additives are extruded plastic, injected with color additives, or extruded, then baked with a layer of color. All plastics decisions are made in limited quantity and permanent color. However, most plastics are cheaper than wood, and almost all are waterproof. Extruded PVC Traditional has the worst ratio of weight to strength and is more prone to falling, fading, yellowing, erosion and other ultra-violet and damage due to heat. It's less expensive plastics. Vinyl with an aluminum core is an improved product with a better weight resistance than traditional vinyl. It is less likely to give and what you can do in a variety of custom shapes. Vinyl wrapped MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard - is the material in the office furniture in wood sticker very cheap) is more common because of inherent defects product. vinyl foam is the highest quality plastic products. It is lighter and stronger than traditional vinyl and prevents the majority of defects in the sun vinyl. vinyl plastic foam is the most expensive and the cost can be as much or more lime.

MDF is the smallest and heaviest of materials filling. Not used as well, but can be much cheaper than other alternatives.




Better Application

100% Total Tilo

Strong and lightweight filler. Very tight, even grain and resists damage, does not run or yellow. Accepts stain and paint well.


Fine Homes

Aspen or Cedar

Harder than basswood and less expensive

Wood very heavy with large variations green may bleed through paint. Usually are not attractive colors.

Small wooden windows will be painted black


Cheaper grain, attractive with a uniform color

Very sweet. Tends to be easily damaged and take advantage of moisture. Uncommon.

Fixed windows in high places

jointed wood

Less expensive, perhaps more right through the wood

Distinctive "Shaped fastener adhesive joints may be visible, age and little bleed through the paint. Can not be found.

When wood is painted a dark color


Less expensive, it can be just the right timber

lamination adhesive can age badly and bleed through the paint. It can not be defiled.

When wood is painted a dark color

Cardboard or MDF pressing

Very cheap

Damage easily can be repaired, it absorbs moisture. Uncommon.

When the price is the only concern

Extruded Vinyl

Cheap, waterproof

May yellow, crack or sag when exposed to sunlight

Apartments and bathrooms

Vinyl wrapped MDF

Very cheap

Wrap tends to separate, yellow and crack. MDF not repair. Uncommon.

When the price is the only concern

aluminum chloride

Economical, waterproof

May yellow and crack when are exposed to sunlight

Finest bathrooms and floors

Foam Vinyl

Water resistant, strong, non- age or yellow

Price, selection of rare colors, no colorable

When the panels are exposed to constant moisture

What is the best place to buy shutters?




Best Application


Great selection, reasonable prices, guarantees control quality

You can not have a lot more product knowledge to other channels

Consumers who know what they want and how

Window Coverings Retail

Wide range of experience, reasonable prices, product knowledge and decoration

You can not provide traditional collateral

Consumers who participate in the ease in design decisions based on choices offered.

Interior Designer / Decorator

The product knowledge and extensive experience in design

May not provide traditional collateral or more competitive prices

Consumers saving time and help the value of the expert in the design.


Lowest prices, wider selection of products and a strong knowledge

You can not offer their knowledge of decorated to coordinate the rest of the furnishings (furniture, colors, etc.)

Consumers know they want shutters.

Myths and Legends Shutter

You know you talk to a seller of oil or misinformed if you hear one of the following:

  • "The wood is bent, a sink, a chip, and yellow over time." Lime is stronger and lighter than vinyl, MDF and other filling materials and thus less likely to warp or sag of these materials. The probability of yellowing and chipping depends on the type of paint used and undercoat. High quality lime is usually painted with acrylic paints or the best available are The Original very water resistant chip and much less likely to damage the surface current that most plastic or painted products of inferior quality. Products vinyl ones are most likely to surface problems including yellowing, discoloration, itching and flaccidity.
  • "Plastic is easier to clean and maintain than wood." Both materials are treated the same way - with a feather duster or cloth wet. Both materials are very resistant to stains. Both materials are damaged by fire spots and caustics.
  • "The Wood attracts more dust than plastic. "blinds plastic can create a static charge that attracts dust. However, in the absence of electricity static, the dust falls on all the filler in the same proportion, and removed the same way - with a feather duster or a damp cloth.
  • "Wood Sanding attracts more dust than softwoods." Sanded wood, with its irregular surface, smooth tends to hide the dust better than other surfaces, but clean the same way.
  • "The wood is twisted." This myth, but repeated confuse us more. All Available evidence from hundreds of years of fine wood furniture wood frame houses, wood beams, wood beams and so indicates that well prepared Warped wood and maintained NO. It could have been a time to dry wood was popular and where the green wood used, which would have occurred because the deformations wood cured. However, this period is literally hundreds of years. Based on 30 years experience with dried Baked Lime insurance convinced that, unless it is exposed to moisture serious NEVER our chain of wood.
  • "Shutters Plastic insulate better than wood shutters. "That is to say, bees, an enclosure fence over a plastic timber. The loss is between picketing, and not plastic or wood. As a practical standpoint, when the flaps are open, have no insulation value very much. When closed, are full of gaps between the blinds, the differences between the panels and frames, and the differences between frames and mounting surfaces. The best move of the isolation is that the gap tighter tolerances and more accurate installation. A component improperly installed insulation very very poor. A good trigger, even with better facilities, is likely to be a poor insulator, whatever the material used. High quality, custom shutters basswood, properly installed, they tend to have tighter tolerances and better insulation available.

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