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Why did my fuse support applies to join my project?

I have this fuse thing. I put the cloth on the rough side of the tail. I pressed in the very well stuck to it. then let cool. Then I removed the paper the escutcheon. roned then in the project. but for some reason, my lamp does not comply with my projects and my project% cotton 50% polyester 50 as recommended. HeatNBond also said no sewing is done because the thickness of the bond / But now what? has no obligations? No. .. I seem to be older or overheating? I'll play my guess Witchcraft Tape? My son continues to infringe on my sewing machine and can not give an advantage to Nice now: (Thanks to all who meet

I have at least 6 different types of fuses and if you follow the signs for the "T'....... and if you have done and have not yet joined the web I hope you saved the receipt, because these things do not age and will not work no ............ I guess using "Bond No Heat .... Place the right side of the fabric on the ironing board. Place the adhesive side of the belt fuses on the back of the fabric with paper side up. Iron according a fusible webbing instructions ....... may have a 1-800 number in your package. Here are some links to see the fuses fusible_web htm

The role of the freezer paper in Quilting

No, not going to produce a quilt with freezer paper, unless you know something that I no, but you use the freezer paper to perform the basic steps in the wall ©. The process is simple, and it is easy to quilting.

Freezing your paper:
© Applied is the process of making cloth and sewing pieces of fabric, the pieces are sewn in the form of a foundation to form patterns and designs. To begin, the steps in the freezer of his paper cutouts © applied and let the seam allowances. Then use graph paper for drawing or similar products in the paper without wax, outline of its wall ©. No trace of sewing. Now, cut your pattern Central and forms in their document so that it is on the left side. Place the wax with its outer shell and put it on the web. You must press (iron) your fabric and freezer paper. Press the paper so that the fabric is applied to your ©. The wax is melted. Once you see results, cut curves and points of its applied ©. With a needle and thread to the design and implementation of a point on the benefits of your work sewing. Gently pull your thread to collect benefits from the figure © applied. Tie a knot in the wire at one end and pick up stitches. With the freezer paper still inside, use your iron and struck © applied.

You also can prepare for working style © applied using glue sticks. Ultimately, you can sew by hand to form the applied ©. You also use your machine to create a pattern of dots applied ©. It's your choice.

To use the glue stick method to perform the same actions as you would in freezer paper, copy paper use only. You can use the paper used in the printer for your info too. Use the bar glue and secure the seams. Leave the wax and perform the same steps that you have in the freezer. In the back of your paper, and in the middle, add a little glue. Press on the left side and turn your seamed stockings. About the shape of your document, add another line in the queue. Add glue followed by the shape of its edge. You want to glue the tabs to lock and start © applied.

Once you complete these steps, you can start sewing pieces of fabric in the background fabric.

If you choose to hand point, start applies to plan your ©, preparing to adapt to the background. You need pins to hold it in place and use measures or basting glue stick to keep in touch. Do your actions and move forward and backward parts © applied and under the other. Overlap pieces should also be applied ©.

Next, get your needle and thread, coinciding with the first thread © applied. Sew with a formidable force, or a finishing move on the edges © applied. Use glue to create forms 3/4-inch © applied through the point or point of departure. You can complete the seam, once you remove the glue.

Besides the hand © applied method can also use invisible points, or machine method to create your quilt. Another option is the zigzag method, or the method of the machine fuses. Several other methods are also optional. For more information on mulch consult your local library.

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