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I want to customize the mesh basketball jerseys with the heat of the iron on transfer sheets. Will it work?

I basketball jerseys white tulle. I want to customize these shirts. The only way the shirts IVE past is to use the heat iron on transfer sheets. Im comfortable with that. However, will work with the mesh shirts? All information will be useful. What else would work as well?

Check the instructions on the package. most of the transfers that work on cotton and light colors as well.

Backer paper transfer paper heat is sometimes tinted yellow

Why the backing paper in my yellow laser transfer heat?

With a little yellow color laser printer toner migrates through the layer of heat transfer and paper base with a yellow image. This may also happen that predominant color magenta migration. What colors will migrate is the specific laser printer / copier. In most cases, the four leave a slight tint colors in the leaf base. When the four colors is too strong or not, usually not noticed or commented. Although the printer / copier causes that happens because the heat transfer process that is conducted in the color document.

The mostly yellow and pink is not a problem in the finished garment. If the color of the garment is to ignore any color correction on the paper. If the color is not deep enough, gradually increasing the density of color. This is done with adjustments for color printer driver and software. Since this condition is specific to each printer / copier that produce and reproduce the conditions and once identified remedies may be reproduced in all copies.

Otherwise, yellow or Another color that appears outside the image area. This is called the dispersion of toner and can be any color, including black. This is most likely to affect the appearance of the image on the garment, as will the white areas a little color. This can be done with new cartridges, if not a new problem. Another possibility is to use a product that resists the dispersion of toner. Techni-PRINT ® 4.0 was built to withstand the dispersion of toner.

Depending on the type of printer, you must choose the right type of transfer paper to print images correctly on the web. Most transfer paper T-shirt for inkjet printers. However, if you have a laser printer iron is not in the heat transfer paper for laser printers available. It is recommended that you do not transfer your documents inkjet printer laser. For best results, the cotton should be the content of at least 50%. The instructions should be followed carefully to obtain optimal results.

Many retailers and manufacturers have a wide range of heat transfer products and supplies. They carry everything you need to transfer heat and paper inkjet heat transfer for laser applications and black plates vinyl heat transfer, supplies laser printers, specialty papers, press and provide heat.

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Mike Matosky has worked with heat transfer products for more than 10 years, and this article is written in response to questions directed to, "Your Source for Heat-Transfer Supplies" about achieving true colors using heat transfer paper.


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