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kimono fabric in Vancouver?

Where I can get it? I can not imagine that with the living presence of Japan in this city, not just a fabric store that sells Kofu .... chirimen least. Any guidance for me? Thanks in advance.

Would you be able to order? Looking to do a suit? Here's a site where you can buy clothes kimono fabric:

Yukata Shopping Tips: What you need to know to get the right Yukata

Yukata is a type of traditional Japanese clothing, Kimono.Yukata known commonly regarded as a summer kimono and is the most casual kimono. Although the kimono has changed clothes every the days of formal wear, Yukata is the most popular type of kimono and used by many Japanese and foreigners today. Reasons its popularity is probably because it is easy to use, relatively inexpensive, requires fewer components and requires fewer rules follow.
If you are interested in Japanese kimono, yukata is always best to start.

That's what you can know before you buy yukata.

1. Tissue
If you have already started looking for a yukata, yukata you met (so called) of satin like fabric. These are not Japanese yukata. There was a little silk yukata again in a few days, however, cotton, linen, polyester are those we see today. Be careful of shiny satin that Yukata (?)! However, keep in mind that most (but not all at the moment) of the yukata on the market have reasonable abroad in Japan Japanese company made fabric under surveillance. It is still considered as authentic as Yukata are distributed on the market Japanese and used by many Japanese, and other Made in Japan Yukata.

2. Need Articles
A contrast other types of kimonos, the number of items (accessories) necessary for you to wear a yukata is only a few.
*** Yukata
Koshi Himo *** (2) (a chain of fabric to adjust and stable in the yukata)
*** Obi (Hanhan or pre-tied Obi Obi)
*** Geta (sandals and Yukata Kimono)
and voila!

Additional items that can be used are as follows:
*** Kanzashi Hair Piece ()
*** Erishin (piece of elbow to elbow gently)
*** Datejime / Magic Belt (wide flat belt to stabilize the yukata or kimono)
*** MaeIta / ObiIta (flat plate used to be groomed Obi)
*** Kinchaku Bag (small bag to hold the hand yukata)
and so on ... but are optional.

3. Size
Yukata size is much more flexible compared to Western clothes, because you can adjust its overall length and Ohashori (area folded fabric under Yukata Obi belt) in length with Koshihimo.
Yukata woman's sizes are based on size and are usually three.

Small (S) 4'9 "~ 5'3"
Ordinary (M) 5 '~ 5'6 "
High (L) 5'5 "~ 5'9"

If your height is in two sizes, choose a smaller if short or medium term and to collect more if they are large build.

4. Design
Yukata forms are the same. This is not like Western clothing, which has around his neck, V neck, turtleneck, short sleeves, long sleeves, boots fine in terms of the form .... So, enjoy the style to choose the color and design I love you!
Many teachers believe Kimono 3-1 rules. 3 For 1 OBIS Kimono (Yukata). Yukata Obi was different to give it a new look! After He obtained his Yukata, find Obi Obi, Obi and more!

5. Price
All elements are linked relatively expensive kimono. Many of the kimonos can be easily more than $ 10,000. Although Yukata is considered reasonable, the average price range Yukata is a single share
~ $ 70 800 dollars. I think there is a big difference in $ 70 and $ 800. Yukata about $ 70 is probably the quality of the product and not the brand yukata around $ 800 is the brand that are made of fabric or a dye technique known yukata. So below this range, you will probably get what you pay ...

6. Dress
One problem with all the kimonos can face is currently wearing the yukata. Fortunately, Yukata dressing is not as complicated as other types of kimonos and do not wear layers of kimonos and do not need much dressing items. Without, however, not be like western clothes, which have only to put your head, arms and legs and ready to go. It takes a little practice, especially if you Never before a Yukata. If you have decided to take their Yukata for a particular occasion or event, my advice is to buy in advance to have the time to practice dressing. Oh and if you want to use a yukata, but did not have time to learn or do not want to devote time to tie Obi, search pre-tied Obi Obi has a pre-Nudo. This is particularly useful for starters yukata kimono /.

I hope you find the likes Yukata really her kimono and enjoy life!

About the Author

Kumi is the owner of Japanese Kimono Shop Shimazakura. She is also a Kimono Stylist and holds Kimono Fashion Shows to spread the beauty of the Kimono.

Shimazakura Kimono Shop : www.shimazakura.com


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