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Do all Indian women wear jewelry in the front? The jewels embedded in the skin such as earrings?

Occasionally, I saw a woman Indian with very ornamental jewelry between the eyebrows. I have seen similar stickers in the bazaars, but not exactly the same. Are these as ear piercings that need special very well done or just stick to Firefox? Do all Indian women wear them, or just married? The red spots I sometimes see less expensive substitutes for jewelry? Thanks in advance!

Interesting question. Adorno of jewelry you've seen is called "Maang Tikka or Tikka is a jewelry hookdrop suspending the front hair with the help of a fork. He did not need special piercings, now you can see and buy stickers bindis Tikka, which is trapped in front. The red dot or black or any color point is in front of an Indian woman called "bindi" in Hindi, is called "sindoor" and in the languages of southern India, is called "Pottu". Aside from being married, single or daughter, all women in India bear almost regularly. But culture is changing, so if not used regularly along very well a need for all occasions, traditional special. All indigenous women who no doubt will bring. If you want to be fair use. Try, gud luck

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