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The sand and water tables as educational tools

The sand and water tables are a perfect complement to classrooms, nurseries, playrooms and gardens. In fact, anywhere there are children to adults interested in education. It are literally hundreds of ways to level of learning for their children to come up with different projects, or use different materials, including conducting experiments with sand and water tables. Child development experience in sensory, motor and social skills, and have a better understanding of spatial relationships and the natural sciences. Oh yes, and an incredible amount of fun!

When choosing a project for your class or your children are aware of their ages. For example, if you replace the sand dry noodles to ensure that young children are closely monitored to prevent choking. For older children to set some rules and get some responsibility for their sand and water table. If you take the sand and water tables are held regularly take the children into a routine of setting up and cleaning. This allows not only life easier, but it teaches them how to work together and praise for a job well done will learn to be proud of.

Play Free requires little preparation on your part and is one of the best ways to use your (SWT). There are very few limitations on what their children can experience. Try adjusting your children with sand, water and sea creatures toys. Discard the herb it are algae. Not that children need encouragement before the game of fiction, but sometimes it's fun to teach them the sea, perhaps the color left in an octopus or a shark before letting them go. Free play time is a very educational for children, not only a way to occupy children, even if they respond well. Meanwhile, children learn to create their own worlds, which gives them a sense of control over their environment. Children are small and imagination is powerful and this tub is just like a melting pot. Watch your child closely and you do things together, and yes, fighting their point of view the world of work may conflict with another point of view. Free Game to help them learn to share not only toys but also space for collaboration and a vision of his world oceans.

Sensory play is a great way to use your sand and water table activity. One idea is to water clouds first with paint, or even mud. Then place a different object at the bottom. Then have the children form a line and one by one trying to guess, using your sense of touch, which is at the bottom of the tub. Apart from random objects that each child brings something home. Send Home the day before with a replica explaining the project so their mother can help you find something. Then ask them to put in hidden in a paper bag and wear it. This project is fun to see the kids trying so hard not to tell others what you brought in. and they have all be very excited when the object is perceived. A further alternative is to find three letters and the number of dimensions and make you feel in hand symbol. Following are guessed the letter had to cling to him for a project to do the latter, where they can strengthen their knowledge of the alphabet, sometimes on a platform of pride and achievement. Children always learn best when they think of his idea or who have won somehow.

The (SWT) Experience is another educational activity. Using your (SWT) children can learn about photosynthesis, metamorphosis, erosion and a host of other laws of natural science. Try to fill bath with clear soil health and halve the bath tub by placing a mat on the environment (in order to block the light in the middle). Then each child has two seeds in the soil, one on each side. Be sure to place the seeds near the outside, half the fun is to see that the roots grow. As you can see growing plants that can explain photosynthesis in teaching children how to eat plants need soil, water and sunlight needs eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although the sand and water tables are built for the convenience of a portable bathroom and of course, many of these same projects, experiments and fun can be had using large plastic containers, baby bathtubs, or other container that can hold water, dumped easily and is not in danger of braking.

Corey Hardin, Vice-President Early childhood education Jolee OE products. If you are interested in the purchase of sand and water tables or sensory tables or research projects fun to do with sand and water tables, I recommend

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Corey Hardin, Vice President to JoLee OE Early Childhood Educational Products and father of 2 toddlers


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